Cheek Alert

My day in a nutshell:

  • Last day of work for 2011!
  • New Year's party at the office. 
  • Lots of yummy food.
  • Played with Matt's Nerf gun! 
  • Camera indulgence with my cousins and cousin-in-law. Photos taken with Popbooth and Instagram! 
  • Dougie moves of Ate Mau was sick! Best dougie I've ever seen! Love her hair too!
  • Realized that my cheek and Molly's are extra humongous. I guess it runs in our family. That's what makes us cute too. Teehee.
  • The office raffle was so stressful. We all wanted to win the iRobot, but sadly, mom didn't pick the winning paper. She won a rice cooker and an iron. Oh well. 

Shopping day tomorrow!! So stoked! 

Avec amour,
Cassie Blanche


Photo Diary: The Arcegas

As promised, these are the photos of the whole clan: the Arcega family. These photos were taken with Nikon D5000, thus the high resolution effect. Seeing the shots makes me want to get my own DSLR real soon! Nikon D3100 or D5100 in a few months! Expect better pictures from me!

I thank God for blessing me with a beautiful family such as them. We might not be always perfect, but we definitely love one another. Trials and fights have tested our family, but the bond has grown much stronger. That's what I think at least. 

Photos are sized in large format for better quality. xx 

L-R: Ate Mau, Molly, Ate Lizle, Cassie, Micah, Ate Maan


Christmas 2011

It's the most wonderful time of the year! (insert the tune of the song right here) This year has indeed been wonderful for me, just like most of the past years because I was able to celebrate it with my family and relatives. I'm thankful for all the blessings I received, whether big or small, and I lift it all up to the amazing birthday boy: Jesus Christ! You're the man!

Anyway, my day started quite early, since it was a tradition to visit the relatives from my dad's side in the morning then spend the rest of Christmas day with my mom's relatives. This year, just like the last, my mom's clan (Arcega clan) held the gathering at my aunt's house down South. I was so happy to see everyone! It was a mega reunion since our cousin Ate Maan and her husband Kuya Jeff just arrived from the States for their church wedding this January!

As customary, I'll talk you through my day in pictures. Enjoy! 
The boys! Mico, Matt and Kent. 
We went to the park to take pictures since the sunshine was beautiful, and a great factor for natural lighting.
Micah and Molly
With my niece, Micah. 
Top: Landmark, Jeans: Levi's
Top: Forever 21, Skirt: Forever 21
Zit alert! :(
These shots are ahhhhmazing. Love you, Molly!
Happy ladies! 
Our other girl cousins, Charmaine and Cara arrived later in the afternoon. They did a little dress up since they were fitting the dresses for my cousin's wedding. Thank goodness I'm done with that! Don't they look good?
L-R: Charmaine, Molly, yours truly, Micah, Cara
The whole night was devoted to eating, drinking, karaoke and more picture taking!! I was a good girl for the night, thus I only had one cup of Bacardi (insert angel face here). HAPPY GIRLS ARE THE PRETTIEST. Let's agree on that!
Here are some of our "goody goody" pang-school project shots..
L-R: Cara, yours truly, Tita Jen, Ate Mau, Molly, Charmaine
Of course, I definitely need to take a picture with my momma. It's mandatory.
Sisterly love. Mommy and Tita Lina
Videoke time! I'm not a biritera so I just stuck to "demure" songs such as "Love Story" and "Superhuman". My cousins Cara and Charmaine are pros in that area, so the stage was theirs. Dang, I love their voices! Move over, Charice!! :p 
Charmaine in full birit mode. It shows right? Teehee. :p
L-R: Ate Jacq, Ate Mau, Kuya Macky, Molly, Charmaine, Carlo, yours truly
Disclaimer: These pictures aren't the entirety of the reunion. The photos of the whole fambam are with my cousin who takes a billion years to upload, thus I still don't have copies. :( I'll let you meet my entire blood mates in another post as soon as the photos are up! :)

So...how was your Christmas? I hope it was as fun as mine! I hope it was a day filled with Jesus, love, peace, joy and thanksgiving! Well, every day should be as such right?? From me to you, Merry Christmas!! Thank you for dropping by my humble page! Thank you to those people from all over the world such as UK, US, Germany, Australia, Latvia, New Zealand who are viewing my blog (based on Blogger stats). Your appreciation is overwhelming! I promise to come up with better posts next year! ;) I hope everyone else would be filled with happiness in their hearts! To God be the Glory! Happy Holidays!

Avec amour,
Cassie Blanche