Fangirl Diaries: Greyson Chance Live in Trinoma

Yesterday was one of the most surreal and happiest days in my life as a fangirl. I met the cutest boy with the most charming voice, and he actually made me wish I was five years younger. :p I'll cut through the chase..I'm talking about Greyson Chance!! He's currently on tour for the part 1 of his "Truth Be Told" album and Philippines was one of his itineraries. :)

I really wasn't planning on going yesterday, but my niece made it possible for me. She sort of "kidnapped" me and forced me into going, and I realized I can't pass on something such as that. It's Greyson Chance!! I didn't have much time to pick out my clothes and it was a hot day, so I went for the shirt + shorts + chucks outfit. It actually worked for me since it was easy to get around with. I arrived at Trinoma at around 3pm and I was astounded to see the long line around the activity center. I was fretting that we wouldn't be able to enter since only 250 people were allowed. I guess luck was on our side since we got the #233 & #234 tickets! Close call! Anyway, the entrance requirements consisted of Greyson Chance's cd, poster and shirt all for 1000php. We were entitled to one slot each for the cd signing. 

We started to get in line at around 4pm and we were able to get in at 6:30 pm. Such a long wait right? All for the love of Greyson!! <3 The show started at 6:45 pm and I swear the crowd went wild when Greyson went up the stage. He's such a cute and charming boy, I was glad to see him all grown up!! He sang a couple of songs and I particularly fell in love with "Leila" and "Take my Heart". 

Let me show the show's events through pictures. Sorry if some are blurry, it was so hard to get around last night. :p

Here come's Greyson!! 
Greyson and Joyce Pring
Leila <3
Sunshine & City Lights
We love you so much, Greyson Michael Chance!! xoxo
P.S. I look like a dork, I know. 
After the show, we lined up to get our CD signed. The wait wasn't so long and everything went smooth. I was shaking when I approached Greyson and I looked like a crazy little girl (fyi, I'm older than him). He signed the album cover and I turned my back to leave. My niece told me later on that Greyson was looking at me even after I left!! Heehee, how cute is that?? Major kilig!! 

Unplanned stuff always turn out to be the better ones. No regrets at all. More fangirl adventures to come!! 

Avec amour,


It don't take no rocket science to know that I'm your dream come true. Let me promise you this one thing, that I got enough love for you. 

-- Taken from Greyson Chance's 5th track on his EP. I'm still on sky high. I met the cutest boy ever and he signed my cd!! That 5-second look was priceless. Thanks so much, Greyson!!   Will blog about this soon! 

Under Construction

I'm working on my blog and I'm carefully planning out the things that I'm supposed to add. Basically, my blog is under construction, and it will remain that way for a month or so. So expect me to undergo a hiatus, but I'll surely be back with better posts! I must admit that I'm going through writer's block at the moment, and I need to find inspirations within myself so I can write meaningful entries. I need to take my posts up a notch since this blogging thing has already become one of my passions. I asked close friends and family for suggestions on what I should change, so here's what you'll be expecting:

  • Outfit shots - I'm seriously not a fashionista, but I'll work on it. Try being the operative term. But please don't expect me to be as good as Camille Co, geez she's a goddess okay? 
  • DIY - I have a lot of things planned for this department. Let me put myself together.
  • Beauty Loot - I'm not necessarily a beauty expert nor a beauty blogger but I can work around this area. Makeup, skin care and all that jazz..coming soon!!
  • Food posts - I am a self-confessed foodie and I'm not sure why this aspect is not incorporated in my blog. Well if it is, it's not that noticeable. So expect more posts on my wanderlust in the midst of the culinary world. Lolwhat? 
  • Fan girl chronicles - Well, that's a part of my expertise.. "fangirling"! I know it's kinda odd, but trust me..you'll love the people that I will write about. 
  • Better layout, better photos, better header..better everything. 
Overall, I think I'll retain the randomness of my blog. I don't wanna conform to a certain genre since this is my personal blog after all. I'm just searching ways on how to improve it. Let me take a break and I promise I'll be back!!

Avec amour,