Saturday Sunnies

My work at Palm finished early, so what is there left to do but visit Molly? Ever so thankful to her mom and yaya for the yummy snacks they prepare every time I visit! Hotdogs, toasted bread and Nutella! :) Random day and random photos. Excuse my fat self and just focus on the cute doggy and my lovely golden brown hair! ;) 

We wanted to feel cool and hide our sleep deprived eyes, hence the need to wear sunnies. :p
Hello, pretty thaaang! She's lovin' my sunnies, lol.
The hair color I've always wanted. I want the dog too! :)
Hi, Mallows! Can I keep you?
I finally achieved the semi-AS haiiiiiiir!! I placed my hair in a bun the whole day and got the laid back hair I wanted. Don't be hatin'. 

Avec amour,


Hooked & Disbelief

I am not one who always gets addicted to Filipino tv series, though there were a few shows that have indeed caught my attention as a Pinoy viewer. The latest one would be "Budoy" from ABS-CBN, who had its pilot episode late last year and will have its finale tonight. There are two reasons why I kinda got hooked: the story plot is about this boy who has Angelman Syndrome which is interesting for an Occupational Therapy student like me and my infinite crush Enrique Gil is part of the cast. ;) I've been following the show from its first day and never missed an episode. I'm quite appreciative of the story line because it makes me laugh and brings me to tears for all the right reasons. Well, last night was an epic episode and it quite affected me..

I'll just orient you on the three main characters, which are my favorites:

  • Budoy Maniego - played by Gerald Anderson. His character has Angelman Syndrome, but despite that he has never failed to bring together and inspire those around him. His life revolves with his family, his best friend and first love, Jackie and his foster brother, BJ.
  • Jackie Marasigan - played by the gorgeous Jessy Mendiola. Her character portrays Budoy's best friend and BJ's girlfriend who she eventually married later on. She's understanding, smart, brave and very caring. 
  • BJ Maniego - played by Enrique Gil. His character can be described as the hot foster brother of Budoy and the dedicated lover and boyfriend of Jackie. BJ borderlines between smart, arrogant, caring, a good son and a disobedient son. His character had major shiftings throughout the whole series. 
So, let's talk about last night's episode.
Budoy finally decided to move on and let Jackie go. He made a surprise for her on his own birthday party and asked if she would marry his foster brother, BJ. Jackie said yes and that sealed the deal. (insert kilig expressions here)
I'm a big fan of Jackie and BJ's tandem, so imagine my happiness when BJ proposed and she said yes!! I was like..
Then the wedding scene happened, Jackie in her wedding gown looking so ethereal and BJ in his black tuxedo looking so handsome that he makes my heart melt even from the television screen. Then the kiss happened!! Too much kilig for my life!!
Lol, I could have wished that was me, but I love Jessy Mendiola and her character so props to them! Glad they ended up together!!
Then BJ and Jackie had a son named Benjo. Fast forward to the little kiddo's birthday party, Budoy was very happy because he's Benjo's godfather. BJ (looking so handsome in his glasses, omfg) told Budoy that if something happens to himself or both himself and Jackie, Budoy would be the one to take care of Benjo and raise him as a son. Oh boyyyy, I sensed something when BJ said that. But anywho, I love how they portrayed the role of a family. So cuuuuute!!
Then, this scene where BJ was walking to his car in his doctor's coat and glasses (again he looks so handsome, please marry me in real life Enrique!! Lol, I kidd. :p) when suddenly his beeyotch mother, Grace (played by Mylene Dizon) suddenly appeared. They talked, blahblahblah, then BJ sensed something was wrong so he called Budoy. Then he found out that his family (Jackie and baby Benjo) were abducted by criminals, when the mastermind, Duke, gave him a call. Of course, as the script tells him to do so, BJ goes to the hideout alone and was hostaged as well. His mother who was the main root of all the chaos arrived minutes later and decided to barter things with Duke, but to no avail.

BJ was so mad so he told Duke to kill him just to end everything with the request to spare his family. Omg, BJ why did you even request that?! You should know that all the girls watching you will commit suicide if you dieeeeeee!! :( Duke thought that it was a good idea, so he shot BJ right at his chest and the handsome character fell dead on the floor. :(
I was in the verge of tears when this scene was shown. :( Someone as handsome as him definitely doesn't deserve to die even if it was imaginary. Hahahaha! :( Well, I don't blame the scriptwriter. Maybe he did that for a more dramatic and creative effect. Omg, Enrique Gil you look like an angel! I love you! Props to your acting skills!!

Then more drama happened, Jackie cried beside her dead husband's body so as BJ's evil mother who should have realized by then that it was all her fault. Duke snatches Jackie and takes her away. Budoy arrives at the scene and Jackie frees herself from Duke's grasp and runs to her friend. Sadly, she was shot from behind and drops dead as well. Her death scene was the most graceful one I've ever seen, I must say..
That's when my tears started to fall hard. Hahahaha. :( Can't believe I'm that affected. Well, don't blame me..I'm Filipino, and I guess teleseryes carry us away. But why did they have to kill Jackie and BJ? Why can't it be a happy ending?! Maybe, the death of well-loved characters in Filipino tv series are part of our culture?! Just maybe. This is how I looked at the end of last night's episode. No kidding.
So, tonight's the finale and I wonder how this would turn out. I'm a bit resentful that I won't get to see Enrique for tonight's ep, or would I? He's too handsome I'm sorry! The finale better be real good in order to make up for last night's drama. Fingers crossed.

This is too Filipino of me in the most positive way possible. The fact that I'm affected means I'm appreciative, don't judge me.

BE HAPPY, BE BUDOY. Lol, I'll cut it now.

Avec amour,

Food Porn

Of all the stereotypical things I can brand myself with, I will probably have to pick: foodie. Food has always and forever will be my first love. It's the only reasonable thing I claim as worth indulging for. I even have this motto: "I'd rather eat more, than talk more." And I was inspired by Jenni Epperson, when she tweeted: "Live, love, lafang.", thus making it my mantra. I have cravings every second of the day, and I make sure that I stuff myself every chance I get. I'm not one to care about my weight. I'm happy just the way I am!! Excuuuuses, lol. 

Let me show my perpetual cravings. Food porn ahead!! None of these photos are mine, I just found them over the web. :)

Black Angus burger from Charlie's. I just love this particular burger, I swear one set won't be enough if you eat as much as I do. I love it's grilled taste, which sets it apart from the conventional fast food burgers.
Wicked oreos. Whether it be from Flaming Wings or homemade these are just divine. 
Bacon Cheesecake Brownies. My love for bacon, plus my love for cheesecake times two! Will be baking these babies for sure!
Blueberry muffins. I like it with itsy bitsy crusts. 
Baked stuffed potatoes. Topped with bacon and paprika!! I remember making these back in senior year, definitely trying it again. 
Chocolate Macarons. It comes with a single "o", alright? Bar Dolci, see you real soon!
Chocolate Parfait. 
Macaroni and cheese. I like it real cheesy. Well, duh.
Shrimp tempura! I like it with sweet sauce. 
Chocolate mochi! I think I'm gonna visit Sophie's Mom soon, since they make the best mochi truffles! :)
Churros con chocolate. I'm a sucker for the ones they have in Dulcinea. Well, who isn't?
Buffalo wings from the ever popular Flaming Wings! :)
Breadtalk Cheesefloss! I can eat two or three of this in just one sitting. It's that good. I swear by it!
Grilled steak. Sometimes, I like it medium rare, should always be served with mashed potatoes. (stomach grumble) I think this calls for Myron's. :)
Halo-halo, perfect for summer! I don't fancy the commercial ones like they have in the mall, since it's exorbitantly priced. Street ones are my favorite! The dirtier the better. :p
Dark Chocolate Ice Cream, or chocolate ice cream for that matter. Been dying to try that Champorado ice cream from Sebastian's. Who's game?!
California Maki!
Isaw! No matter how dirty my parents warn these to be, I still love it!
Krispy Kreme doughnuts. I like everything in chocolate.
Oreo Cheesecake. Tempting and a vision of perfection. 
Cheesy fries, not the powdered cheese though. I like it with cheese sauce, and topped with bacon!
Dinuguan and puto. Don't judge me. I'm Filipino and I am in love with this! 4 huge servings of rice would be the average whenever I have this as a viand. :p
Red velvet cupcakes. These amazing cupcakes which are actually chocolate, but drenched in red food coloring are to die for! The cream cheese on top seals the deal. :)
Lastly, I've been craving for the Tokyo Tokyo burgers. I dunno why, but I really have to taste all of the three kinds, though I'm not a fan of shitake mushrooms. That Godzilla Burger is so tempting. 
All of my friends would definitely agree with the fact that I spend more on my food rather on my clothes or anything else. I am more game for buffet dinners than shopping sprees. I'll never give up my love for food even if I'm forced to do so. Because of all the food porn and indulging I have been doing lately, maybe I can do some random food blogs once in a while. At least, my mega mouth and taste buds will be put into productive use. :p

Avec amour,


Repost: Studio Boheme x A.F.A Giveaway!!!

I've done a lot of giveaways in the past, but this has got to be one of my favorite. I'm sure you know why and I am positive that you'll love this as much as I do. ;)

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I just reposted this from Ava Te's blog! I'm dying to win that Honeybadger Satchel! Hope I win! Try your luck too and join her contest! Thanks for this chance, Ava!

Avec amour,