Lacey Daisy

I can't believe that my last post was on the first day of 2014. Now, I'm here typing a blog entry two months later, fresh from the end of second semester of senior year. Time flies when you're busy. A lot has happened in the past few months, which would explain why I haven't updated as much as I wanted to. I'm officially done with the "stay in the classroom and hear lectures" phase, because I'm entering clinical internship two weeks from now! I'm having jitters here and there, but there is no turning back now since this is what I really wanted in the first place.

Anyway, since I just passed my subjects and I was a happy girl last Sunday, I decided to dress extra dainty for church. Paired it with a bare face and red stained lips! 

Dress: Forever 21 Shoes: Solemate

I'm pretty sure I won't be able to update as much when internship starts, but I'll try to insert my thoughts here once in a while. The coming months will be challenging and stressful. I need all the luck in the world. How about some virtual love from you guys? x

Avec amour,