21st Street

Changes are really inevitable, so as the need to try out something new. Since I just turned 21 last Thursday, it quite fits that I do something that is unusual and unexpected of me. It really never hurts to dab into new stuff, right? Screw what the others might say.

So what's the "new" thing exactly? Street photography that is. My friend Abby convinced me to do this. I was skeptic at first, since I'm only used to the "all smiles" peg and I was never the edgy type. That inkling in me that I must try won, though.

All the photos were taken yesterday along Mendiola, Legarda and MalacaƱang. I have to admit that I felt 100x timid and extra conscious at first.. but since I was already there, I went for it!

P.S. I'm the awkward type of girl, hence the poses. I know Tyra Banks won't be pleased.


Photographer: Dek Constantino
MUA: Abby Maralit

And since I just turned 21, I would like to thank all the people who remembered my special day! Thank you also to those I shared all my years with. Fingers crossed and hoping that I'll be a little more wiser now that I'm legit legal. x

Avec amour,


Photographer: Dek Constantino
MU: Abby Maralit

Top: H&M, Shorts: Levi's