Thumbs Up

Yesterday, my family attended my sister's graduation ceremony at the UST Quadricentennial Pavillion. I was amazed at how huge the whole sports complex was, and I wondered how many people could actually fit in. :p Anyway, my sister belongs to the College of Rehabilitation Sciences and she just earned her degree in BS Sports Sciences! I'm a very proud sister since graduating from CRS is one hard and prestigious feat! Let me narrate the whole thing in pictures. 

Dress: BlackSheep collection for Maldita
Le sister. 
Mom, Ate Camille, Daddy
She's officially hooded. :)
Mommy dearest with yours truly. :)
With her intern partner! He's a cum laude!
With her college best bud!
Dear Ate,
Even if I purposely annoy you often, all I can say is I'm so proud of you. Graduating from college wasn't the easiest thing but you finally did it! Congratulations on your special awards! Good luck on the new path that you will take! I'll always be here for you! Promise me that on your first pay day, you"ll treat me somewhere nice. Teehee. 

Your baby sister,