Saturday Trio

Yesterday was definitely the most random and chill day of my week. I planned to watch the cheering competition at La Consolacion College with my friends but things changed. I was supposed to meet up with Pauline at 9 am, but knowing me, I am never punctual. I arrived at Laco at around 11:30 just when everything else was over. Pauline was fuming mad at me, but I lightened up her mood by joking. We decided to go hang at her house instead, since the whole college week thing was so boring. :p We browsed through random blogs and spent tons of time on Camille Co's page. Our friend, Joana, arrived an hour after. I missed that girl..haven't seen her since we graduated from high school.We ate lunch at the nearby Mcdonald's and talked like there's no tomorrow. 

Here are some snapshots! I loooove doing crazy faces no matter how silly it might look. Don't be hatin' ;)
Joana went home at past 4 in the afternoon, so it was just me and Pau again. We made up our minds and took a bus to SM Manila and did tons of window shopping. We went to the department store, Accessorize, Jellybean, So Fab and the list goes on. We fell in love with the new pieces at SM (level up) and those comfy shoesies from Payless! We found a new store called: "Chic-a-booti" which we will be revisiting real soon for some good shopping action! :)

When it was time for me to go home, I invited Pau to come over at my place. We took the jeep to Taft, then another to my house. I enjoy commuting with my friends. It's a type of a genuine bonding moment for me. Pau and I talked about tons of things while we were on transit. There's never a dull moment. We planned on the next random thing that we will be doing, and we're definitely excited about it! Stay tuned! ;) When we arrived at my house, my parents were surprised that Pau was with me. They rose to the occasion and dad cooked dinner in a snap. Fyi, Pauline's a special favorite of my parents. It's like she's the third daughter or something. ;) We shared laughs over food, then my dad took over and told ghost stories that freaked the hell out of me and Pau. We dropped off Pau at her place at around 9:30 since my dad was against the idea of her commuting alone. 

I'm forever thankful that I have true friends! I feel like I'm the luckiest girl in the world! No need for a boyfriend or whatsoever.. I kidd! :p Can't wait for the next crazy thing I'll do with Pau! Alam mo yan, girl! :) 

How was your Saturday?? 
Avec amour,


Little Girl..She

I was reading my Anatomy book this morning, and by read I mean, "extensive reading". I felt like taking a break, so I took one of my past handouts and started scribbling. Within a span of ten minutes, I came up with a poem! This is how I can get when I'm bored. This poem isn't written for a particular event or particular person. I just elicited a couple of emotions from myself that enabled me to compose this. I guess I'm a frustrated poet or writer! Hahaha. Take note that this is original and it's mine. The title of this piece is the title of this exact post itself. :)
That one thing to which she held on tight
Slipped out of her hands, gone into the night
She woke up to reality with a blank stare
Realizing her dreams were now cold and bare

She blinked twice, then thrice
Her tears began to fall, thus she cries
She began to feel her life was now on hold
Little did she know, better things shall unfold

She kissed the yellow lane a sad goodbye
Forgetting the black stripes, moving on she'll try
She'll catch her dream in a different place
But she'll hold on to the three-fold memories, through time and space

Few by few, doors started to open
More by more, brighter horizons started to happen
Little girl ran to the rainbows with a smile
Tasting the happy colors, which she hadn't done for a while

She began to forget the pains of yesterday
Memories of failures were kept at bay
Little girl looked up to the sky
Fresh dreams are now ready to soar high

Vignettes of the past, she'll always miss
The path of the future, she'll take on with bliss
Villains who put her down, she couldn't care less
Angels who love her truly, she's forever blessed

Little girl who they thought shall fall
She rises up proud and tall
Little girl who was always afraid to try
Is now a tougher woman, who will never say die


You and I

"You and I could be like Sonny & Cher, honey & bears. You and I could be like Aladdin & Jasmine, let's make it happen."

I just discovered another good Youtube artist who has been making waves for two years already. He does covers and originals that have lyrics that can swoon any girl! This video that I posted is titled, "By Chance". The lyrics are light and so cute. If a guy will sing this just for me, I swear I'll die out of kilig. The song is just too sweet. I just can't stop listening to it. I can play this song over and over. :)

Subscribe to his Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/JRAquinomusic :)



There's this trending topic on Twitter about 33 things about yourself. I kinda got interested in sharing itty bitty facts about me using that hashtag, but I figured that it would flood my Twitter followers' timeline and it might agitate them. Goodness gracious, I don't want that to happen..so, I decided to put it here.

Here are 33 facts about yours truly:
1. I have brown eyes.
2. I'm currently an artificial brunette.
3. I love the color: pink 
4. I'm a swimmer, though I  tend to get slightly hydrophobic when I'm in open sea.
5. I'm a kid at heart.
6. I'm a 90's baby, year of the monkey.
7. I'm a huge blogger. Been blogging since 2006!
8. I'm a daddy's girl. 
9. I've been in love with Daniel Radcliffe for 11 years now.
10. I love thrift store shopping and bazaars.
11. I'm a sucker for Old Navy and Gap.
12. I am and will forever be a chubby cheeked person.
13. I'm 5'4'' in height.
14. I love pigs and dogs.
15. I tend to eat a lot whenever I get a chance. 
16. I love to cook. And I come from a family of good cooks! ;)
17. I'm scared of chickens, ducks, rodents.
18. I tend to lose my sense of sanity whenever I see a flying cockroach.
19. Math is my ultimate Waterloo.
20. I drink alcohol, but I never get wasted no matter how much I take in. 
21. I don't smoke. That's one thing I'll never try.
22. I dance a lot..when I'm alone. In my bedroom.
23. I love to eat vegetables. Yumyums. 
24. I believe in Prince Charming and happily ever afters.
25. I take pinky promises seriously.
26. I can sleep for a span of 24 hours if I wanted to.
27. I'm not fond of replying to text messages and answering phone calls.
28. I don't know how to ride a bike. The farthest I've gone is riding one with training wheels. :(
29. I'm God fearing.
30. I hate guys who are rude, obnoxious and those who have dirty fingernails and toenails.
31. I would like to have a love similar to the one in "The Notebook" or even find my own Landon just like in "The Walk to Remember" minus the part that I have to die early. 
32. I'm a daydreamer.
33. I have this super big, big, big crush on Javy Gil! :) 

My list could go on and on..but I can only place 33! So, what are the 33 things about you? Let me know! Link your entries through my comment box! xx

Weekend Farewell

Of all the things in the world, goodbyes are my least favorite. In fact, I hate it. Yet sometimes, you really have to bid someone farewell because they have other things to do on the other side, and they still have important matters to pursue. My cousin and cousin-in-law will be leaving for California tonight, hence, they had a despedida party yesterday. It was the last bonding time that we will have before they leave. As usual, food was great and so as the chitchat. We finished a whole bottle of Jack Daniels through taking shots. Oh myyy, time flies fast indeed. We were little kiddos before, and now we're sharing good fun over whiskey. :p

Here are the photos from yesterday:
Ate Maan as the bartender. :p
These batch of pictures were taken when one of the sales reps from the office started teasing us because he was tipsy. The prime target was Ate Mau! :)
And these were taken after we almost emptied the bottle of Jack! So, excuse our wasted faces. :p
The little kids pleaded me to go to the park with them. I was feeling really sleepy from all the drinking we did, but I still gave in. I just can't resist Matt and Mico's pleas. We had a crazy time at the park. Basagan moments with Molly and Micah were priceless!!
Last batch of photos before leaving. (cue for drama, sniffs and waterworks)
I always find it a great pleasure to spend quality time with the clan. We'all miss the newlyweds! Wishing them better days once they're back in CA! :)

Avec amour,

Accidental Stellar Moment

Something slightly surreal happened to me today. I was at my mom's office (Palm Towers) and we were waiting for the driver who would bring us to ParaƱaque for my cousin's despedida party. One of the office's employees called my mom, asking her to tell me to go to the guard's post, but he didn't explain why. I didn't ask questions, I just went down. I saw Kuya Jun and Kuya Toby (the employees) with three unknown people (two girls and one guy). I was wondering what they were up to and came to them. Kuya Toby just told me that those people were talent scouts from the production company nearby, asking if I could be an extra for their commercial. Why not?? I agreed.

We walked to Proville (the production company) which was really near Palm. We entered the office and the truth unfolded before me. Kuya Jun and Kuya Toby tricked me!! IT WAS A VTR!! :| The producer of the commercial gave me two strips of paper and told me to memorize whatever was written on it. She then pointed me to the room where spotlights, cameras and tons of production staff are bunked in, telling me that I'll do my vtr in a couple of minutes. I was still clueless and naive so I decided to ask the producer what it's all about. She said, "This is a vtr for Coke and Mcdo commercial. You're 19 right? You look perfect for the role. Now, memorize your script." I panicked after that. They told me to line up and wait for my turn. Kuya Toby got a call from my mom telling us to go back to Palm. I felt relieved to go so we left Proville. The talent scout saw us leaving and ran after us. He pulled me and asked why. I told him I had somewhere to go to. He was like, "Aww, sayang. Magpa-iwan ka nalang. Perfect ka para sa role eh." I told him I really can't stay. He left his number with Kuya Toby and asked me intently to text him as soon as I'm available for another vtr. He said that I have a good chance of getting selected and I might end up with my first casting call. Hahahaha at that. :|

I told my family and my cousins about it. Plus my friends. They're all egging me to go back for another vtr. It was never really my dream to be a celebrity nor a model. I've always been content in the fact that I'm plain jane and generic. Pa-humble forever ang peg ko! My heart says "yes", my mind says "no". Yet, it's starting to dawn on me that this might be a blessing in disguise, or something that is really meant for me to pursue. People are telling me that sometimes I have to leave my comfort zone to do better things. Say whaaaat? 

I still have a few days to decide. You guys will know my decision if you get to see me in either a Mcdonald's  or Coke commercial. Or any commercial for that matter, whichever Proville finds me applicable in. Hahaha! 

Kung Hei Fat Choi everyone! xx

Avec amour,

DISCLAIMER: None of the above photos are mine, unless otherwise stated. :)


No Duty 2012

You guys ought to check out their Youtube channel! I never knew Javy Gil can play the guitar. I've always been a sucker for guys who can play musical instruments (drums, guitar, piano). I dieeeed out of cardiac while watching this! White shirt looks perfect on him! So neat! :) The guy with him doing the vocals is his best friend, Symon. He has a good voice! Keri. :)

They're just doing videos out of fun, but they're kinda good, don't you guys think so? I think they're havey!! Or am I just biased? :p

Follow them on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/noduty2012  


A Daughter's Plea

Lol, at the title. So, here goes..

Balenciaga bag in purple
Image courtesy: http://www.lavish.ca

Dear Mom,

I've been lusting on that bag for ages, and we both know that you're not even using it..it's just inside your closet. I really think that the bag should be used to it's full extent and purpose. I know you don't like toting it around because it's over-sized, hence, I'm volunteering myself to use it. I know I'm careless, I know I lose tons of stuff, but I definitely won't lose that bag! In fact, it will even come handy with all my stuff since it's really spacious. I've been dying to try on that bag since the beginning of time (spell, since that time I saw Kendall Jenner use it). I'm 19 years old and I'm old enough to use such. 

I hope you understand my plea and appeal. If you don't, I'll be forced to get it from your closet and use it without your permission. You left me with no choice. You don't want me to be bad girl, do you?? :p



Lace, Zebra stripes, Ethnic Print

The title above comprises the motif of the outfit that me and my cousins wore to our cousin's wedding last Saturday. See the photos for further explanation!

Red lace dress: OC by OC, Sandals: Zanea
Oh, and I wore this vintage ring as my accessory! I chose this because it compliments my outfit and my nails. Thank you, Embellish Manila!

Here's Molly's outfit! She's all grown up and so pretty! 
Of course, model-modelan shots are a must! :p 
And here's my beautiful cousin, Charmaine in her amazing maxi dress in ethnic-ish print!

I'll blog about the whole wedding soon! I'm just filtering through the photos because some of the shots at the reception were already too wild and wasted for my liking! Partial chos.

Avec amour,