Accidental Stellar Moment

Something slightly surreal happened to me today. I was at my mom's office (Palm Towers) and we were waiting for the driver who would bring us to ParaƱaque for my cousin's despedida party. One of the office's employees called my mom, asking her to tell me to go to the guard's post, but he didn't explain why. I didn't ask questions, I just went down. I saw Kuya Jun and Kuya Toby (the employees) with three unknown people (two girls and one guy). I was wondering what they were up to and came to them. Kuya Toby just told me that those people were talent scouts from the production company nearby, asking if I could be an extra for their commercial. Why not?? I agreed.

We walked to Proville (the production company) which was really near Palm. We entered the office and the truth unfolded before me. Kuya Jun and Kuya Toby tricked me!! IT WAS A VTR!! :| The producer of the commercial gave me two strips of paper and told me to memorize whatever was written on it. She then pointed me to the room where spotlights, cameras and tons of production staff are bunked in, telling me that I'll do my vtr in a couple of minutes. I was still clueless and naive so I decided to ask the producer what it's all about. She said, "This is a vtr for Coke and Mcdo commercial. You're 19 right? You look perfect for the role. Now, memorize your script." I panicked after that. They told me to line up and wait for my turn. Kuya Toby got a call from my mom telling us to go back to Palm. I felt relieved to go so we left Proville. The talent scout saw us leaving and ran after us. He pulled me and asked why. I told him I had somewhere to go to. He was like, "Aww, sayang. Magpa-iwan ka nalang. Perfect ka para sa role eh." I told him I really can't stay. He left his number with Kuya Toby and asked me intently to text him as soon as I'm available for another vtr. He said that I have a good chance of getting selected and I might end up with my first casting call. Hahahaha at that. :|

I told my family and my cousins about it. Plus my friends. They're all egging me to go back for another vtr. It was never really my dream to be a celebrity nor a model. I've always been content in the fact that I'm plain jane and generic. Pa-humble forever ang peg ko! My heart says "yes", my mind says "no". Yet, it's starting to dawn on me that this might be a blessing in disguise, or something that is really meant for me to pursue. People are telling me that sometimes I have to leave my comfort zone to do better things. Say whaaaat? 

I still have a few days to decide. You guys will know my decision if you get to see me in either a Mcdonald's  or Coke commercial. Or any commercial for that matter, whichever Proville finds me applicable in. Hahaha! 

Kung Hei Fat Choi everyone! xx

Avec amour,

DISCLAIMER: None of the above photos are mine, unless otherwise stated. :)

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