Weekend Farewell

Of all the things in the world, goodbyes are my least favorite. In fact, I hate it. Yet sometimes, you really have to bid someone farewell because they have other things to do on the other side, and they still have important matters to pursue. My cousin and cousin-in-law will be leaving for California tonight, hence, they had a despedida party yesterday. It was the last bonding time that we will have before they leave. As usual, food was great and so as the chitchat. We finished a whole bottle of Jack Daniels through taking shots. Oh myyy, time flies fast indeed. We were little kiddos before, and now we're sharing good fun over whiskey. :p

Here are the photos from yesterday:
Ate Maan as the bartender. :p
These batch of pictures were taken when one of the sales reps from the office started teasing us because he was tipsy. The prime target was Ate Mau! :)
And these were taken after we almost emptied the bottle of Jack! So, excuse our wasted faces. :p
The little kids pleaded me to go to the park with them. I was feeling really sleepy from all the drinking we did, but I still gave in. I just can't resist Matt and Mico's pleas. We had a crazy time at the park. Basagan moments with Molly and Micah were priceless!!
Last batch of photos before leaving. (cue for drama, sniffs and waterworks)
I always find it a great pleasure to spend quality time with the clan. We'all miss the newlyweds! Wishing them better days once they're back in CA! :)

Avec amour,

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