There's this trending topic on Twitter about 33 things about yourself. I kinda got interested in sharing itty bitty facts about me using that hashtag, but I figured that it would flood my Twitter followers' timeline and it might agitate them. Goodness gracious, I don't want that to happen..so, I decided to put it here.

Here are 33 facts about yours truly:
1. I have brown eyes.
2. I'm currently an artificial brunette.
3. I love the color: pink 
4. I'm a swimmer, though I  tend to get slightly hydrophobic when I'm in open sea.
5. I'm a kid at heart.
6. I'm a 90's baby, year of the monkey.
7. I'm a huge blogger. Been blogging since 2006!
8. I'm a daddy's girl. 
9. I've been in love with Daniel Radcliffe for 11 years now.
10. I love thrift store shopping and bazaars.
11. I'm a sucker for Old Navy and Gap.
12. I am and will forever be a chubby cheeked person.
13. I'm 5'4'' in height.
14. I love pigs and dogs.
15. I tend to eat a lot whenever I get a chance. 
16. I love to cook. And I come from a family of good cooks! ;)
17. I'm scared of chickens, ducks, rodents.
18. I tend to lose my sense of sanity whenever I see a flying cockroach.
19. Math is my ultimate Waterloo.
20. I drink alcohol, but I never get wasted no matter how much I take in. 
21. I don't smoke. That's one thing I'll never try.
22. I dance a lot..when I'm alone. In my bedroom.
23. I love to eat vegetables. Yumyums. 
24. I believe in Prince Charming and happily ever afters.
25. I take pinky promises seriously.
26. I can sleep for a span of 24 hours if I wanted to.
27. I'm not fond of replying to text messages and answering phone calls.
28. I don't know how to ride a bike. The farthest I've gone is riding one with training wheels. :(
29. I'm God fearing.
30. I hate guys who are rude, obnoxious and those who have dirty fingernails and toenails.
31. I would like to have a love similar to the one in "The Notebook" or even find my own Landon just like in "The Walk to Remember" minus the part that I have to die early. 
32. I'm a daydreamer.
33. I have this super big, big, big crush on Javy Gil! :) 

My list could go on and on..but I can only place 33! So, what are the 33 things about you? Let me know! Link your entries through my comment box! xx

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