Chinese Friday Night

I was feeling sick yesterday but I still soldiered on since I don't wanna miss a day from my summer job, plus it's grandma's birthday dinner. Albeit a high fever and aching joints, I still maintained an appearance. Props to me! Almost the whole clan gathered at Lutong Macau along Jupiter Street in Makati for granny goose's dinner celebration. The food was great and the lechon macau was a winner! Definitely coming back there for sure! I'll just share a few photos since we really didn't take a lot of photos that night. :)

Warning: Photobomb with my lovely cousins! I'm quite ashamed of my fat face. Will work on it soon! 
Belles! Favorite picture from last night!
With baby boy!
Hello, handsome!
P.S. I didn't know I have Instagram, until my cousins informed me last night. I made one two months ago and I forgot to update it. Hahahaha, still so thankful for my 21 followers! Follow me: cassieblanche! I'll try to update it as much as everyone expects me to! ;)

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Every girl is guilty of this crime, denials aren't accepted. I really find this video entertaining though. Kingsley really was out there to crush everyone's dreams. 

P.S. I'm guilty of the Zayn part. Lol.



Makeup: Fresh and Noob

With the heat present in Manila, everyone can get too sweaty even if the AC is in full blast. The heat and sweat can also give the ladies shiny, oily faces that are definitely unwanted. Grown-ups always ask me, "Do you sweat? Ang fresh lang ng look mo eh! Havey!" So how do I achieve that "fresh look" that people commend me about? Well, I'm no makeup expert, but here are the top two products that keep me shine-free all day, every day! 
I'm in love with the Maybelline Clearsmooth Powder collection! Right now, I'm using the Clearsmooth High Coverage Foundation (the blue one) in Sand Beige with SPF 20. It doesn't only make my face shine free, it also prevents the harsh UV rays from coming in contact with my skin. I actually find this handy because I don't have to retouch that much. It's so affordable too! It's a little over 200 bucks, I think. :)

Of course, a girl should always have some lip color right? I'm not a fan of lipsticks because it makes me feel awkward and it's a known fact that it makes the lips darker. A no-no for me! I've tried so many lip balms but most are so dull and chaps my previously unchapped lips. :( But now, I'm using another perfect product from Maybelline! Maybelline Lipsmooth Color Bloom lip balm! These balms are actually white and sheer. But, when you put them on your lips they change into a unique color. It's heat dependent. The hotter your lips are, the more obvious the color is. It's available in PINK BLOSSOM and PEACH BLOSSOM. The former for a pink shade, the latter for a coral one! I go for the pink! It's perfect because it's natural looking and has SPF 16 as well! Available for 99 pesos! :)

My cousin, Maureen Mina, gave me makeup the other day, and I found my favorites among the bunch that I received! Heeehee, thank you cousin! I know you're reading this!
Those above are the ones that I've tried among the whole lot. I give it a perfect 10! The K-Palette One Day Tattoo Eyeliner in Deep Brown works wonders! It keeps my eyes alive for 24 hours, and I'm not kidding. :)

P.S. None of the photos are mine, unless otherwise stated. 

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Puppy Love

No, it's not the young love that people assume it to be. The title refers to my literal love for dogs, since they are the cutest creatures on Earth! I'm not one to be called an animal lover. In fact, I'm not fond of cats, hamsters and other pets. The only pet I'll consider would be dogs, period. 

I'll just post my recent pictures with the cutest pooches ever! They're owned by my cousins, which makes me wanna get my third dog. These dogs just became sweeter as the months went by. They seriously melt my heart out! Look!
Meet, Pringles! He's a male Maltese, and a cuddly one in my opinion. He's so energetic, sometimes I can't keep up. Hi, Maureen Mina, your baby boy is too cute!
I seriously became fatter, I need to lose weight lol. Me and Pringles taken a week ago! I was holding him the whole night, and he was just there on my lap or on my arms drenched in total cuteness!
Now, meet another dog that is very close to my heart! Mallows, a female Shih Tzu owned by Molly Arcega!  She's been featured in my blog entries a couple of times, owing to the fact that I always play with her whenever I visit! 
  The latest picture I took of Mallows! See, I was lying on the couch eating these Korean biscuits when she suddenly jumped on the couch and landed on my tummy! She stayed there and just stared at me and I was all smiles because she was so adorable!
Mallows and I, taken a week ago as well! We were staying at the veranda, when this little critter came up to us and begged for attention. So cute right?!

They say dogs are man's best friend, but I think it's an understatement. They can even be the best-est ones, even if it's not in correct grammar. For me, dogs can lighten up anyone's mood and they listen to you whenever you rant. Sometimes, they're can be so sensitive that they can even feel what you are feeling too!

Sorry if I lost track of my blog. I'll revamp it very soon and I have a surprise for everyone! ;)

Avec amour,