A dozen hours of sleep, makes my day complete.

Since I entered college, I've been always deprived of sleep. This particular school year has been extra challenging for me. I always have to stay up late finish reviewing for back-to-back quizzes. I am a very lucky girl if I get four or five hours of sleep on weekdays, especially on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. 

The long weekend is a big blessing for me, since it gave me a chance to sleep in. Today, I had twelve hours of sleep! I woke up at two in the afternoon, feeling so fresh and energized! The three photos would explain how much I loved sleep and my hair was totally disheveled.

12 hours of sleep = a happy Cassie. 

I apologize for my zits. They keep on coming back, no matter how hard I try to scare them off!
I still have one day left for slacking off and sleeping off. Might as well make the most out of it!

Avec amour, 
Cassie Blanche


Mamang Taho

I've been into the milk tea craze, the fruit shake madness, the float era, but then, one popular Pinoy drink would always be number one on my list. Guess what it is? Taho, of course! I could remember those times when I was little, I would wait intently for the manong taho at 6 in the morning. I would run out of our house with my big mug and buy twenty pesos worth of the sweet soy drink! I'd finish the whole mug and still crave for more. 

Recently, coffee shops have popped up around Metro Manila and they've been advertising a more commercialized kind of taho, some with flavors, some were chilled. There's this branch of Mamang Taho, beside UST, where they serve different flavors of my favorite drink. Apparently, it's a coffee shop and I just had to try it out! The shop was located along Dapitan corner P. Noval street, just a few steps away from the Pacific Suites. Thomasians would know these landmarks very well. 

I went with my friend, Denise Africa, since we agree to hang out together and talk some things out. So, here are photos of the coffee shop. They just don't sell taho, they have pizza and bread too. 
Denise and I went up to the second floor and waited for our order. Mamang Taho has a good ambiance, comfortable couches and I can say that it's a good spot to eat, drink, chill or review if some students would put it. 
We changed our mind and went up to the third floor, and found a better chill spot. The whole roof top was very relaxing and breezy. Save that for the fact that it was a place for those people who smoke, since it is an open space. 
Our orders arrived in a reasonable amount of time. I ordered Chocolate Macadamia flavored taho, while Denise had Hazelnut flavored taho. Both were worth 85 pesos, and it was the cheapest product in the shop. 
In my opinion, I really didn't taste the "chocolate macadamia" in the drink. In fact, it  almost tasted just like the normal taho that you can get for ten pesos. It's just that it's sweeter than usual. I would have to say that 85 pesos is too much, but I still had to consider their facilities and how much it would cost to manage it. Chill time wise, I think Mamang Taho is advisable if you want to unwind while sipping taho. But if you are a taho addict just like me, I'll say you are better off sticking with the original manong/mamang taho. 

Here's a photo of me and Denise. 
This whole blog is just one opinion of a customer. My judgment might be different from others. So, don't criticize the shop based on my entry. Go ahead and try it out!

Avec amour,
Cassie Blanche

Life of a generic CRS student: Day 1

Day 1 was a Thursday, August 25th. I started my day with Physiology lecture class at 9:30 in the morning. I came to school in our laboratory uniform (shirt, jogging pants and rubber shoes), since it's TSOT day. I came to class a minute before our professor arrived. Whew! Thank goodness I wasn't late. I was so sleepy the whole lecture, and it turned out that I highlighted the wrong parts of the book. Such a waste. My hands were already so weak and my eyes were drooping that I didn't realize that my book slipped from the table, fell on the floor, caused a loud noise and caused a scene! DARN IT. My professor might have perceived the sound of my book as an alarm, because he ended the class after.

My friend Vanessa had to go back to her dorm because she forgot her apron. I didn't wanna go with anyone else, so I decided to go with her. The walk from UST to her dorm and back to UST was the most tiring walk I ever had. It was hot and sunny. We got back in school just in time for our TSOT class. We took the flight of stairs to the 6th floor and I was almost out of breath upon reaching the room. Thank you aircon, for existing!

Our professors weren't there yet so we decided to take pictures! Dear readers (if I have any), meet my friend Vanessa! We've been friends since we were in first year college. Cool, huh.

So, the photo below is yours truly! Sorry for the face. I'm freaking ugly, plus I was tired that day.

Our TSOT class includes making of arts and crafts, so we entered the middle room and took photos of the paper mache puppets! I for one, am fond of pigs, so I had to take a picture with the princess piggy! 
Vanessa took a picture with the piggy too. 
We had to make pasta mosaic on pots, so here's a sneak peek at some of the end products of my blockmates. I don't know why the pots are stacked messily on top of each other..
The laboratory/classroom we were in is in front of the Sports Science laboratory. Three of my blockmates were apparently looking at some guy from the SPS lab room. They were so funny that I had to take a picture of them!
Our professors arrived at 1:15-ish, and we proceeded with the origami work. Le sigh. I'm really bad at arts and crafts, and my origami was not different. I had low frustration tolerance and I was really thankful that our professor dismissed us earlier than usual. I seriously cannot stand another minute making those paper cranes! The next part of the TSOT class was for meal preparation. So, here are two blurry photos of my two blockmates, Bernard and Ivy, preparing potato salad and assisting their patient with ADHD. They did a good job, so that reminded me that I had to do better when it's my turn already.

The meal preparation class was dismissed early as well, so I was able to reach home at about 4pm! I was extremely tired that I slept upon opening the door of my room. I woke up at 8pm-ish, had dinner, took a shower and studied for Neuroanatomy because there was a schedule quiz the next day. I studied until the wee hours of the morning, but my brain didn't retain so much, and that frustrated me. 

So, here's my Neuroanatomy book by Richard Snell. This is like my second bible. 
So, that sums up Day 1! I'll have a follow up of Day 2 when I go back to school, since it's the long weekend. I'm slacking off at the moment, since long weekends and non-class days are those moments that I get to sleep as much as I want to.

So, what can you say about Day 1? Boring, eh? 

Avec amour,
Cassie Blanche


A Rainy August 27th

Every Saturday, I come with my mom to Palm Towers at Makati where she works. So generally, I dubbed my Saturdays, Palm Tower Saturdays. This day was wet and windy, thanks to Typhoon Mina! It was gloomy and stay-in-bed type of weather, very much like the kind of days Irish people experience in Dublin. I decided to wear my black turtle neck shirt, my skinny jeans, Crocs flats and my varsity type jacket. Yes! I was on a total lamig-lamigan mode! That was very feelingera of me!

We stepped of the house and had an extremely windy and damp travel. Thank goodness Palm Towers was just 15 minutes away from the house. I knew that I will get bored, so I brought my earphones. I was a tad thankful because the wifi signal was excellent, and it enabled me to tweet and browse Facebook through my phone.

Almost all of my batch mates are bummed about the grades in Neuroanatomy. I was actually in the same mood too. Most were feeling hopeless and at the verge of giving up. I wasn't. The subject was extra hard, but I know we still have finals and our prof gave us a chance to earn 5 points in addition to our final grade. That lightened up the situation for me. I didn't want my batch mates to feel hopeless, so I took this photo as a sort of inspiration and posted it on Facebook: (I apologize for my fat face and umeeksena pimple!)
That's the varsity jacket I wore today. See that OT sign? I really opted and told the one who made this jacket to put that sign patch on. It will serve as my inspiration and motivation. It's never too wrong to dream, and being a registered Occupational Therapy is my ambition. The road ahead might be hard, tedious and complicated but then I will always rise to the challenge and never give up while there's still an opportunity. I hope that my batch mates can think along the same lines too.

Saturdays at Palm are for fast food delivery type of days too. Mehhh! I'm actually getting sick of fast food, but what can I do? We decided to order from Jollibee. I ordered Chickenjoy, and that's like the only thing I get from that store! Well, calling Jollibee was a bad idea. All roads to Palm Tower were flooded, so the delivery was extra delayed! My tummy suffered the ugly rumbling for an hour and a half. Thank goodness it arrived just in time to save me from collapsing out of hunger. Hehe! So, here's my meal. Crispy chicken! Nomnomnom. 
Since I was super famished, I finished the whole lot in ten minutes, I think! Hahaha! I still felt hungry after that! Anyway, I spent the rest of the afternoon doing some errands, writing here and there, tweeting and listening to music. At about three in the afternoon, I was so sleepy and bored and decided to stroll around the office. I was persuading my mom to stop her work so that we could go home. But being the workaholic that she is, my mom refused. I wanted to take a shot of something or someone random, so I took this photo of my momma!
Isn't she so kyooooot? I love my mom to pieces! 

So basically, that sums up my day at Palm Towers! Today was a lazy day, so I only took a few pictures. I'll come back with more photos from my Palm Tower Saturdays!

Avec amour,
Cassie Blanche


Spotted: Daniel Radcliffe and his new girl

I was browsing through Youtube this morning, typing random things on their search engine and ended up entering: Daniel Radcliffe. A lot of videos popped out and I chanced upon this certain video from E News. It broke my heart. I swear! For some reason, I've been in love with Daniel since the release of the Harry Potter movie series. Make that, ten years. 

I can't believe that he and his girl are legit! Oh well. I guess I'll be happy for Daniel. Watch the video and tell me what you think about his lady love!

Avec amour,
Cassie Blanche

Prospect: Sony Cybershot J10

I know I raved about how much I want the Sony Cybershot TX5 on one of my earliest blogs, but my raves have changed. Thanks to Miss Jennie Epperson, a new dreamy point and shoot came to my attention. Not just new, not just dreamy, it's also a billion times better! Kablag!

Hello, dear readers (if I have any...) please say hi to: SONY CYBERSHOT J10! 
This is the latest creation from Sony, another addition to their family of awesome cameras. This baby was released last March 2011, and just 5 months after it's birth into the market, I chanced upon loads of positive reviews about it. It made me technologically crave for the J10. Of course, I want it in pink. This camera is advisable for those ladies who want to the camera action everywhere they go but still get the best quality of photos minus the hassle of bringing a DSLR camera! I'm one of those ladies! It comes with a foldable USB arm, so that you can share the photos quite easily. 

I'm not going to put extensive reviews since I haven't tried this gadget yet. But once I get this, I'll post one right away. Cross your fingers that I get to buy this soon!

Every one is guilty of the judging people crime. I know I am too. But sometimes, this judging comes so out of hand that it tends to hurt people. I mean, each person carries that certain look. There are those who looks like a goody two shoes, some who looks like a bully, some who looks nerdy, some who looks from the outskirts and stuff like that. I for one carry that look, giving people the impression that I don't care. 

I'm the type of person who walks straight and fast, looks forward, earphones on and I absolutely pay no attention to those I pass by whenever I'm walking. I carry that blank look, void of any emotion. One could understand my agitation this afternoon when someone commented at me, "Okay ka sana, eh. Maganda na sana. Mataray ka lang." I feel like slapping and laughing at the person at the same time. First, I don't actually think I'm pretty, but I have to thank those people who think so. Second, I'm not a snob. Never was, never will be. I actually get these kinds of observations from people. I get them quite a lot. 

I think I'll never be able to fathom why people think I'm a snob. Or worst, some would think I'm a bitch. Totally untrue. But, I'll just have to say sorry for that fact that I'm not that sunshine type of person. You will never see my skipping around, and throwing rainbows at everyone's faces. That's just not be. Like me or hate me, take it or leave it.

I'll end with something from Megan Fox. This inspires me. 
Avec amour,
Cassie Blanche


I am magical: Pottermore

J.K. Rowling and Sony opened a new site for avid Harry Potter fans all over the world. Thus, they birthed it: Pottermore. Unfortunately, the site won't admit users until October. But through every rule, there's always a loop hole. The site gave fans the chance to have an early registration, by answering questions about the Harry Potter series and after which, they should find the magical quill. The early registration contest lasted for a week, and each day, the registration had a time limit. They can't admit everyone. Only the lucky and magical ones prevailed! 

Yours truly, is one of those magical people. I was able to get in! I was able to catch the second to the last day of registration. Oh Merlin, nobody knows how happy I am! My happiness became double when I received this e-mail.

I AM MAGICAL, INDEED! The mail said that I could get in the site and try out all the features by September! Perfect! Just in time for my birthday, I guess. I heard there's Wizard's Chess, Hogwarts Express and Quidditch games! Knowing J.K. Rowling, what I assumed is just an understatement. One thing is for sure: early registrants will be sorted into the Houses by J.K. Rowling, herself!

So, I would like to congratulate all those other people who got in for early access! We are all magical! Be patient, September is near! To those who didn't make it, October is just around the corner as well. You will surely get in soon enough!

Harry Potter fever has never seemed to have left me. It has been with me for a decade. I'm sure it's here to stay!

For further information, visit: Pottermore Insider!

Avec amour,
Cassie Blanche

Dream Fringe: Katie Holmes

I'm not the type of person who would grow my hair past my boobies. I feel like every time my hair grows longer, I look older. Long hair just does not work for me. Never did! 

I've been looking for hairstyles that would suit me. I went from Korean to Japanese to whatever. I saw some cool short Korean fringes, but I doubt those would fit me. I shifted to thinking of celebrities who I could copy. Suddenly, Katie Holmes entered my mind. Perfect!

Here's the style I'm planning to get. Well, not as short as this one, though. 

 So, what do you guys think? My mom reckons I should rebond my hair first. I say I should use the iron instead. 

I'm saving this hair dilemma for later. I need to ace my exams first!

Avec amour,
Cassie Blanche


Four eyes a little longer.

It's been six months since I got my first eye glasses. I have astigmatism, and as far as 3 meters, my eye sight is already poor. At that time, I wasn't intending to get glasses, so I just picked whatever the doctor gave me. Sacrificing, style wise. I just realized how old and how bad it made me look. So, I don't wear it as my doctor advised me. Now, my eye sight has become poorer. 

I'm scheduled to go back to the doctor this month, and perhaps I shall get a new style. I have some in mind. Forget the brand, mind the style. 

I like this cat-eye frames from Ray Ban. I want this, even if it's not the same brand. Makes me get a bad teacher look! Hehe!
I like these wide frame ones too. So retro!!! 

Perhaps something like Tina Fey's. 
Lastly, this one.
So, which one fits me? I guess I should let you guys see how I look so that you guys will know what eye glass works for me. Here! Pardon my ugly self.

I'll appreciate it if anyone helps or suggest which frame fits me. I have this problem with deciding for myself. I always need other people's opinion. Feel free to type on my comment box!

Avec amour,
Cassie Blanche


Foot Crave: Adidas Fluid Trainer TT W

I've been browsing online for an update on Adidas latest collection. I'm planning to buy a new pair as a birthday gift for myself, since I'll be 19 next month! Well, if there's any reader out there who is willing to give this to me as a gift, well then, GO! 

When my eyes fell upon these shoesies, I immediately fell in love with them! Awesome training shoes in awesome color. Say hello to my latest foot crave!
Only a fool would not fall in love with this pair!

Anyone out there who owns a pair of this ultra neat kicks? Type on my comment box and give me a mini-review!


Awesome Twosome Encore

I blogged about The Awesome Twosome previously, and I linked that particular blog entry to Gino and Monica over Twitter. One can imagine my happiness when they replied the morning after, which tells us the fact that they actually read it! 

Check out these screen caps.

Here's Monica's reply.
Now, here's Gino's reply! This made me twice as happy since I have a crush on him. I like him a lot!
Okay, so if they won't end up together, then he should date me! Hahaha. Just kidding. 
I'm really disappointed at RX 93.1 for splitting up this duo, but I heard than Gino has a new show! Tune in this Monday at 8pm!

Now, here's another screen cap that made me a lot more kilig! I mused if Gino had a blog that I can follow. I didn't expect him to reply but he did! CARDIAC, CARDIAC, CARDIAC!
I really love nerdy guys like Gino! He's so sexy! ;)

I hope I can hear from both Gino and Monica, soon! Let's support them despite the fact that they will be working individually now. 

Avec amour,
Cassie Blanche


Awesome Twosome

Who hasn't heard of Gino Quillamor and Monica Tobias, otherwise as the awesome host of "The Awesome Twosome" in Rx 93.1?! Well, those who haven't tuned in to their show would be: ignorant, jurassic, alien, radio deprived or an AM radio person. I love their show! I love their tandem! 

One could imagine my shock, when they announced a day ago that their show would be coming to an end. I became so disappointed. The airwaves every 4 in the afternoon will never be the same without this duo! As I am making this blog entry, "The Awesome Twosome" radio show have reached their final airtime, 5 hours ago. 

I'll forever miss this cutie patootie tandem!

I apologize for the pixelated photo. 

Dear Gino and Fran, 

First of all, I would like to thank the two of you for rocking the airwaves during those boring afternoons. Not listening to your show since it has ended will take a lot of getting used to. But, all good things come to an end, and maybe perhaps, better things could come together for the two of you. I'll be expecting to hear from you guys soon!

I've had this weird liking for you to end up together. You both blend well with each other, but as you said, you're like best friends and siblings. Thus, I must say, I love Gino. Date me, will you?! Kidding!

Gino and Fran, you guys are awesome enough to be able to make the 3rd trending topic on Twitter! I'll miss the show. I'll miss Monica's sweet voice and Gino's cute nerdy ways that makes me swoon! You'll forever be THE AWESOME TWOSOME! No one could top that!

Avec amour,
Cassie Blanche

Tweeted by a Candy Cutie

I've been raving on my Tumblr profile about this Candy Cutie I've been crushing on. I've been following him on Twitter for a couple of months now, tweeting him like almost every day and I bet he's aware of how much a fan girl I really am. 

His name is Javy Gil, older of ABS-CBN star, Enrique Gil (Good Vibes, Mula sa Puso). They're both dashing and good looking, and just an added fact, they are both ENRIQUE. People find it weird, but it's just that I got attracted to the non-showbiz Enrique. 

Javy is just so nice. He's not boastful. Definitely not a prat and a jerk. 

There was this time that I went to Pergola at BF Homes to get Frutti Froyo and the place reminded me of him. Of course, I had to tweet that! He tweeted back when I left the place, only to find out he was on the way to Pergola as well! My heart sank, but he tweeted this:

That tweet made me extremely happy. I sure wish I could catch him at Frutti Froyo soon! See? I told you all that he was nice! But, there are some people who would want to put him down by comparing him to his brother. Why can't they all just get a life? Sheesh, haters gonna hate. They'll stay that way. Javy does not need to be on television just to prove that he's awesome. 

I for one, will always be Javy Gil's fan, whether he's a celebrity or not. 

Avec amour,
Cassie Blanche


Beat the rainy day bum

It's been raining so hard, lately. Particularly, today. I had to wake up at 5 in the morning just to catch my 7am class, despite of the heavy downpour, since classes wasn't suspended. I rushed in the middle of the flood and traffic. I got to school right on the dot, only to find out that everyone was leaving, saying that classes got cancelled. Just great. Fou, non?

I was so bummed when I got home, but I found ways to cheer me up. Rainy days have a strange way of bringing gloom into my mood. 

Here are  ways on how I beat the rainy day yin and yangs.
  1. Drink a cup of hot chocolate. I prefer Hershey's Cocoa. It's nomnomnom. The sweetness is just right!
2.   Listen to songs of Adele. I'm totally not skipping on the bandwagon. I've been in love with her music, even before "Rolling in the Deep" began playing on the speakers of the jeepneys. My particular favorite is "He Won't Go". While typing this blog, I'm singing to the song.

3. Read my favorite fan fictions. So, what are fan fictions? They're stories made up by fans of various movies, books and television series. Spin off as some would describe. My particular favorite type of fan fictions would be from Harry Potter. I always read the Harry-Hermione genre, because I've always been a fan. I've been wanting them to end up together. Sadly, JK Rowling thinks opposite. I'm just left with the hope that Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson would hook up sooner or later! The current fan fiction that I'm reading is: "Hermione's Secret Diary", based on City of Glass.

Don't they just look so good, together?


Sony Cybershot Tx5

About a few months ago, I've been expressing my desire to buy a DSLR Camera. I've been saving my money for that baby, but I saw my cousin's Sony Cybershot TX5, and behind it's compact body, it carries optimal picture taking experience, plus an excellent resolution!

So, I won't go with the SLR craze. I'm saving myself from carrying that heavy camera bag for later. Perhaps I'll consider to buy it next time. Perhaps, I'll not. I'm sticking with something handy. Something that would fit right onto my pocket and carry with me all the time.

I have used and gone tired of my past point and shoot cameras. I haven't tried Sony's yet. So, I'm gonna do my best to get it on or before Christmas as a gift for myself. I know Santa Claus won't give it to me!

As expected, I want the Sony Cybershot TX5 in pink. Nothing more, nothing less.

Does anyone think this is any good? Any pros and cons? Message me or type in my comment box!


Doesn't it feel good to get together with people who you love the most? It feels even extra good if you haven't seen each other for such a long time. Well, let me share some photos me and my cousins took two Sundays ago. We haven't seen each other for a very long time. Glad we had some time to catch up on each other's lives!

Rencontrez mes belles cousines!

These photos weret taken using the Photobooth for Mac, sans the resolution. But, they're all good! Based on our faces, one can tell that we all had fun! J'aime mes cousins​​!

I can't wait to bond with them soon.

Any reader out there who loves their cousins as much as I love mine? Share your stories! Feel free to type on my comment box! 

Avec amour,
Cassie Blanche

It's a start

Bonjour, mes amours!

I decided to create a Blogger account in order to have some space for me to either share, rant or just talk about anything regarding my personal life. I know I have Tumblr, but it's a place where I just reblog photos I see from random users. I don't call it blogging, just semi-blogging.

People have been telling me to create my own personal blog but I am too lazy to make one. But today, I woke up and just made THIS.

Welcome to my personal blog! I decided to give the title: Je suis l'amour. In French, it means, "I love life." Well, problems come in and out every so often, but that's no reason for me to hate life. I love life in every way that I can. I've always believed that if you learn to love life, then life will love you back. 

In this blog, you will be expecting personal photos, insights, movie reviews or whatever it is that some "readers" tell me I'm good at "blogging" at. This is my personal space and I'm more than happy to share it. Don't expect to get just one uniform theme of entries from me. I don't focus on just one subject. I'm a very random person. Préparez vous à être surpris!

I still keep my Tumblr, though. It's that space wherein I reblog photos based on the way I feel. 

Follow me?
Guess, that's all for this introduction. 

Avec amour,
Cassie Blanche