A Rainy August 27th

Every Saturday, I come with my mom to Palm Towers at Makati where she works. So generally, I dubbed my Saturdays, Palm Tower Saturdays. This day was wet and windy, thanks to Typhoon Mina! It was gloomy and stay-in-bed type of weather, very much like the kind of days Irish people experience in Dublin. I decided to wear my black turtle neck shirt, my skinny jeans, Crocs flats and my varsity type jacket. Yes! I was on a total lamig-lamigan mode! That was very feelingera of me!

We stepped of the house and had an extremely windy and damp travel. Thank goodness Palm Towers was just 15 minutes away from the house. I knew that I will get bored, so I brought my earphones. I was a tad thankful because the wifi signal was excellent, and it enabled me to tweet and browse Facebook through my phone.

Almost all of my batch mates are bummed about the grades in Neuroanatomy. I was actually in the same mood too. Most were feeling hopeless and at the verge of giving up. I wasn't. The subject was extra hard, but I know we still have finals and our prof gave us a chance to earn 5 points in addition to our final grade. That lightened up the situation for me. I didn't want my batch mates to feel hopeless, so I took this photo as a sort of inspiration and posted it on Facebook: (I apologize for my fat face and umeeksena pimple!)
That's the varsity jacket I wore today. See that OT sign? I really opted and told the one who made this jacket to put that sign patch on. It will serve as my inspiration and motivation. It's never too wrong to dream, and being a registered Occupational Therapy is my ambition. The road ahead might be hard, tedious and complicated but then I will always rise to the challenge and never give up while there's still an opportunity. I hope that my batch mates can think along the same lines too.

Saturdays at Palm are for fast food delivery type of days too. Mehhh! I'm actually getting sick of fast food, but what can I do? We decided to order from Jollibee. I ordered Chickenjoy, and that's like the only thing I get from that store! Well, calling Jollibee was a bad idea. All roads to Palm Tower were flooded, so the delivery was extra delayed! My tummy suffered the ugly rumbling for an hour and a half. Thank goodness it arrived just in time to save me from collapsing out of hunger. Hehe! So, here's my meal. Crispy chicken! Nomnomnom. 
Since I was super famished, I finished the whole lot in ten minutes, I think! Hahaha! I still felt hungry after that! Anyway, I spent the rest of the afternoon doing some errands, writing here and there, tweeting and listening to music. At about three in the afternoon, I was so sleepy and bored and decided to stroll around the office. I was persuading my mom to stop her work so that we could go home. But being the workaholic that she is, my mom refused. I wanted to take a shot of something or someone random, so I took this photo of my momma!
Isn't she so kyooooot? I love my mom to pieces! 

So basically, that sums up my day at Palm Towers! Today was a lazy day, so I only took a few pictures. I'll come back with more photos from my Palm Tower Saturdays!

Avec amour,
Cassie Blanche

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