Life of a generic CRS student: Day 1

Day 1 was a Thursday, August 25th. I started my day with Physiology lecture class at 9:30 in the morning. I came to school in our laboratory uniform (shirt, jogging pants and rubber shoes), since it's TSOT day. I came to class a minute before our professor arrived. Whew! Thank goodness I wasn't late. I was so sleepy the whole lecture, and it turned out that I highlighted the wrong parts of the book. Such a waste. My hands were already so weak and my eyes were drooping that I didn't realize that my book slipped from the table, fell on the floor, caused a loud noise and caused a scene! DARN IT. My professor might have perceived the sound of my book as an alarm, because he ended the class after.

My friend Vanessa had to go back to her dorm because she forgot her apron. I didn't wanna go with anyone else, so I decided to go with her. The walk from UST to her dorm and back to UST was the most tiring walk I ever had. It was hot and sunny. We got back in school just in time for our TSOT class. We took the flight of stairs to the 6th floor and I was almost out of breath upon reaching the room. Thank you aircon, for existing!

Our professors weren't there yet so we decided to take pictures! Dear readers (if I have any), meet my friend Vanessa! We've been friends since we were in first year college. Cool, huh.

So, the photo below is yours truly! Sorry for the face. I'm freaking ugly, plus I was tired that day.

Our TSOT class includes making of arts and crafts, so we entered the middle room and took photos of the paper mache puppets! I for one, am fond of pigs, so I had to take a picture with the princess piggy! 
Vanessa took a picture with the piggy too. 
We had to make pasta mosaic on pots, so here's a sneak peek at some of the end products of my blockmates. I don't know why the pots are stacked messily on top of each other..
The laboratory/classroom we were in is in front of the Sports Science laboratory. Three of my blockmates were apparently looking at some guy from the SPS lab room. They were so funny that I had to take a picture of them!
Our professors arrived at 1:15-ish, and we proceeded with the origami work. Le sigh. I'm really bad at arts and crafts, and my origami was not different. I had low frustration tolerance and I was really thankful that our professor dismissed us earlier than usual. I seriously cannot stand another minute making those paper cranes! The next part of the TSOT class was for meal preparation. So, here are two blurry photos of my two blockmates, Bernard and Ivy, preparing potato salad and assisting their patient with ADHD. They did a good job, so that reminded me that I had to do better when it's my turn already.

The meal preparation class was dismissed early as well, so I was able to reach home at about 4pm! I was extremely tired that I slept upon opening the door of my room. I woke up at 8pm-ish, had dinner, took a shower and studied for Neuroanatomy because there was a schedule quiz the next day. I studied until the wee hours of the morning, but my brain didn't retain so much, and that frustrated me. 

So, here's my Neuroanatomy book by Richard Snell. This is like my second bible. 
So, that sums up Day 1! I'll have a follow up of Day 2 when I go back to school, since it's the long weekend. I'm slacking off at the moment, since long weekends and non-class days are those moments that I get to sleep as much as I want to.

So, what can you say about Day 1? Boring, eh? 

Avec amour,
Cassie Blanche

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