Mamang Taho

I've been into the milk tea craze, the fruit shake madness, the float era, but then, one popular Pinoy drink would always be number one on my list. Guess what it is? Taho, of course! I could remember those times when I was little, I would wait intently for the manong taho at 6 in the morning. I would run out of our house with my big mug and buy twenty pesos worth of the sweet soy drink! I'd finish the whole mug and still crave for more. 

Recently, coffee shops have popped up around Metro Manila and they've been advertising a more commercialized kind of taho, some with flavors, some were chilled. There's this branch of Mamang Taho, beside UST, where they serve different flavors of my favorite drink. Apparently, it's a coffee shop and I just had to try it out! The shop was located along Dapitan corner P. Noval street, just a few steps away from the Pacific Suites. Thomasians would know these landmarks very well. 

I went with my friend, Denise Africa, since we agree to hang out together and talk some things out. So, here are photos of the coffee shop. They just don't sell taho, they have pizza and bread too. 
Denise and I went up to the second floor and waited for our order. Mamang Taho has a good ambiance, comfortable couches and I can say that it's a good spot to eat, drink, chill or review if some students would put it. 
We changed our mind and went up to the third floor, and found a better chill spot. The whole roof top was very relaxing and breezy. Save that for the fact that it was a place for those people who smoke, since it is an open space. 
Our orders arrived in a reasonable amount of time. I ordered Chocolate Macadamia flavored taho, while Denise had Hazelnut flavored taho. Both were worth 85 pesos, and it was the cheapest product in the shop. 
In my opinion, I really didn't taste the "chocolate macadamia" in the drink. In fact, it  almost tasted just like the normal taho that you can get for ten pesos. It's just that it's sweeter than usual. I would have to say that 85 pesos is too much, but I still had to consider their facilities and how much it would cost to manage it. Chill time wise, I think Mamang Taho is advisable if you want to unwind while sipping taho. But if you are a taho addict just like me, I'll say you are better off sticking with the original manong/mamang taho. 

Here's a photo of me and Denise. 
This whole blog is just one opinion of a customer. My judgment might be different from others. So, don't criticize the shop based on my entry. Go ahead and try it out!

Avec amour,
Cassie Blanche

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