Saturday Down South

Just a photo diary of me + my cousin + the dogs during my recent visit to the South. 
Hi, Almond!
Oh hello, peekaboo bra strap. :(( :))
Ate Malou and Mallows :)

These dogs made me miss my Coco. :( Which reminds me, he's been in the Rainbow Bridge for exactly a month now. Hope he's having fun! x

Avec amour,



Incandescent eyes, an ultimate sight
All becomes lovely, as he steps into the light
A hint of smile, so sweet and warm
His beautiful soul, as true as his charm

Dumb self, losing my state of grace
As I stare across the glass at his mesmerizing face
I find myself with much less poise
Being smitten further, is a choice

Hearts go aflutter, with good music and his dance
Angels fall in love with mere catch of his glance
Moves so swift, so inspiring, I find myself a fan
All those things that make him good of a man

Sometimes I imagine, oh he's a prince
Time unknown, from when I fancied him since.
He's dashing, speaks my intuition
Truth be told, he is perfection

I know myself he's out of my league
He's stellar, so famous, so big
I would be happy with a photo or two
Or perhaps a hi from him, a hello or few

Yes, he's out of reach
Yet he's humble feet are on the ground
Not leaving, not even an inch.

I close my eyes and wish at night
That I grow taller and match his perfect height
I'm not Barbie, who looks well with Ken
I'm just an awkward girl who sticks to her book, paper and pen

Dear guy, I wrote this with inspiration
Fret not, this is just admiration
My two left feet does not match your beat
It's just that I wonder if we will ever meet.



Aww, cutesy sweaters!! I like the Cookie Monster one. <3 #Forever21


There were times when everything felt like it's too much. There were those moments when I told myself that I can't do it. Frustration, fatigue, sleepless nights, pressure and tension all balled up into one. Sometimes, I'd even look at the mirror and ask myself what I've gotten myself into. I began to wonder if I really had what it took to finish all of these. I couldn't even count the times when I cried and attempted to yank all of my hair out.
Thus, I studied as hard as I could. I worked on my difficulties, crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. I challenged myself to become better and kept my head straight on the prize. Unfortunately, there were instances wherein it would boil down to this:
The exams and requirements were too unpredictable but I was determined enough to go with the flow. I had no choice but fight that battle, all I had in mind is to come out of it unscathed. The results are usually posted a couple of weeks after the exam period, and I remember myself feeling contented because I made it to the upper half. But there was a sneaky feeling inside that told me that it still wasn't enough. Prelims, midterms and finals period passed making me realize that the ultimate truth was about to unfold. There was nothing left to do but to wait. I felt like an insomniac, thrashing in my sleep because of extreme paranoia. 
Supposedly, the release of grades in school was last Saturday. I was so scared that I didn't get it on that day. Shame on me, I prolonged my agony even more. That was the most stupid idea I had this month. I woke up today and told myself that I had to face my fear. I went to school with my friend, approached our department chairperson and took our grades. I took a deep breath before looking at my grades. Upon seeing it, I felt myself bursting into tiny tears. I was like..
I know some people might say I'm OA, but hey..I shed happy tears!! I FREAKIN' PASSED ALL MY SUBJECTS! I was so happy and relieved that I wanna scream. I would do with a mere passing grade but I was given more than that. Please bear with my emotional blog entry, okay? You guys won't imagine what I've been through just to achieve this. All my efforts and prayers have paid off. Today, I had the most wonderful feeling I never had in months. I was in total disbelief at first, but the truth started to sink in. My friend and I looked at each other, did a high five and.. danced in the hallway. We totally looked like idiots, but we deserved to have a happy outburst anyway. :p

Good grades, great God. I wasn't expecting much but I was given so much more! I'm definitely stoked for the next semester and I promise that I will work harder. I'm thankful for those people who have always believed in me and who have never left my side even through my down times. Infinite thanks to the BIG GUY up there! I couldn't have done without You! You have listened to my prayers and helped me along the way! <3

Exploding with happiness right now. I think I can have as much sleep as I want to. :)

Avec amour,


Perfect photo to describe my sembreak. Oh bliss.  How's your vacation so far? x


Tale of the New Kid

Life tends to snap at you at the most unexpected time, and it would always come up with different turns that would confuse you. I am not a stranger to how unpredictable life can be. There was that particular point that I felt everything was a big heap of mess, but later on I realized I'm actually blessed. A few wrong turns took me to something new, something life changing, something that broadened my horizons. At that point when I thought everything was coming to an end, it everything fell into place after all. Life has been full of surprises, and I know I'll be expecting more. One thing is for sure, God will never give me something I cannot handle. 

Let me share with you snippets of my first semester as the "new kid". (I'm sorry if the majority would be food. Pigging out takes most of our time. :p)

Random lunch spree at Wai Ying. 
Cakes in Jack's Loft. 
Half an hour before Anatomy lab pracs. 
The transition wasn't so bad after all. I'm forever thankful for the new friends I made. Hoping for more fun in the coming semesters! :)

Avec amour,


I watched "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" for like the billionth time last night, and I still find myself getting giddy with P'Shone and Nam's scene. But, for a certain reason Nam's confession scene made me cry like a baby. As in total crayola moment. Heehee. 

Le sigh. I can really relate to Nam. I'm even wondering if my own P'Shone is anywhere near. I can watch this movie a million times more. It just never gets old. <3


Meet my niece, Quinn! Such a cutie! Her dad posted this photo on my Facebook wall. All I have to say is, I agree with the caption. Big, apple-ish will always be an asset. ;)


Part of the list, things that I miss. 


Last Push

Hey people! 

I've been limiting myself to photo posts lately, since I only have a short span of time available for going online. Finals period is fast approaching and I can feel the pressure. We basically have six days left before the end of the semester, and these remaining days are crucial. It will the determine the outcome of the first semester, so I guess everyone should squeeze all their intellectual juices during these span of days. I know I will. 

Past events made me learn my lesson, and taught me not to do things half-baked. I learned how to stretch my time and almost burn the midnight oil just to finish everything. You know what they say, "madali bawiin ang tulog, ang mababang grades hindi na." I actually came to the point of giving up in the middle of this semester but I managed to jerk myself out of the notion. After all, I wouldn't be where I am right now if I really didn't have what it takes. And, thus I rose to the challenge. I swear I have never studied so much in my whole life than what I have done this semester. 

I may have lost winks of sleep, but I trust that all my efforts will be totally worth it. I'll give this week one last push so I can finally breeze through the coming semestral break. Free from worries, movie marathon and a time for classic novels..that's how I want my vacation to be. 

Our professors actually told us to "enjoy" the weekend. Say what? I think everyone else will be killing their butts, studying for the finals. No matter how hard it can be, just set your mind on the fact that one day, these will all prove to be worth all the risks you took.

Good luck everyone!

Avec amour,

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