Stop. Laugh. Look.

Hi, guys! I'm semi-back! I think I haven't posted for like a week, since I'm busy fixing some stuff here and there. If you took note of my title, it's like my set of instructions before you guys can go on reading this whole entry. This will be a funny one. So I suggest you stop first, then laugh, then finally start looking. Done? Let's go.

I've been a fan of 9gag for a loooooong time now, and those "she will never have a girlfriend" memes are stuck in my head. I took the liberty of browsing through my Multiply and threw myself into fits of laughter upon seeing my face, and my cousins' faces a couple of years ago. I compiled those pictures and did "before and after" shots. So here they are!

Disclaimer: These pictures are just for fun. Don't judge me and my cousins. These pictures do not reflect our current dignity. Hahahahaha! ;)

We may still not be the prettiest girls on earth, but all I can say is, we look so much better now! A "few" years of "growing up" does all the difference. Evolution at it's finest. Lmao. :)

Do you guys have cringe worthy photos like these as well? It's never too late to dig in into the past! Trust me, you'll feel so much better at the way you look now. ;)

Avec amour,


Trouvez votre amour

Kisses under the morning light
Unending embrace that fills the night
Sweet thoughts of holding hands
Ardent wishes that love will give you a chance

An inkling that you're all alone
Staring blankly at your quiet phone
Hoping that you'll get one sweet call
Hours pass by, nothing at all

The sweet world outside makes you wonder
While you're treading shamelessly and without a lover
Fluttering memories of what tore you apart
On the bright side, you own a healed heart

The warm sunset makes you dream
Being alone is not as bad as it may seem
You do your own thing while you wait
Let Cupid pull together, the strings of fate

Don't fret if a man doesn't show
He still might be waiting, you'll never know
Good things will happen, you shall pray
Form a smile and give it to the day

On that fated day you two shall meet
He'll surely be the guy who'll sweep you off your feet
His whole being you'll be thankful for

So, this I tell you, beautiful woman..
Be patient. Trouvez votre amour

Another composition by yours truly. It's entitled, "Trouvez votre amour", and I'll leave the translation to you guys, just to make it more exciting. If you guys have an idea what it means, just give me a holla through my comment box!! I dedicate this to all my friends who think that they're forever alone, and maybe, to myself as well. :p

Avec amour,


Bless that guy who broke Adele's heart. For without him causing her such pain, she won't be able to make the songs that comprises her album, "21".  She's just a work of art. 

P.S. I'm wondering if ever Adele and I dated the same guy before. Hahahaha! Just kidding! :p Happy Valentine's Day! 

Avec amour,


Blast that darsh

I was in a really bad mood last night and the whole day today (blame PMS, crazy gossips and annoying people). I really felt like punching a hole into the wall, but I realized that pent up angst really wouldn't help me. I tried my best to think of happy thoughts and contented myself by listening to some good house music.

Here's my playlist on a bad vibe filled night! House music never fails to hype me up. Makes me wanna dance even if I definitely don't know how to!

AWOOGA by Calvin Harris
SAVE THE WORLD by Swedish House Mafia 
TURBULENCE by Steve Aoki and Lil Jon
BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE by Chris Brown and Benny Benassi
LEVELS by Avicii Can't believe how far they have come. I love-hate the fact that they have become so mainstream. 

This last video is my top favorite! I can't stop listening to it. I love the beat, and I can replay it over and over. I love the remix version particularly. It's so much better than the original one. Anyone who would listen to it will definitely agree with me. I'm not sure if this falls under house music though. I think not. Just a trivia! My sister and I always play this song whenever we're "working out"! There's something about this song that motivates me whenever I do crunches and push ups! Hahahaha! ;)
YOU'LL FIND A WAY (Switch and Sinden remix) by Santigold

P.S. I hope those people can prove the stories they twist. 

Avec amour,


Hello, new Twitter! I always use Tweetdeck, so I got surprised when I signed in to the mother site and saw this! It's a bit complicated at first, but I realized it's very compact. And the header is very much like Tweetdeck as well. So props, I guess. :)

P.S. My Twitter and Google Chrome theme is pretty girly and it makes everyone else barf. I'm in love with all things girly, please don't judge me. 


How to Survive Valentine's Day

Since the "sweetest day of the year" is just around the corner, and all the couples and hopeless romantics out there are already too giddy like it's Christmas part two, I opted to make this post! I just wanna give my two cents on the whole occasion, on a single's perspective. I would like to remind everyone first that this is just for fun, and it is not intended to mock others. If you're out to be hatin', then get out of my page right this second! 

So let's start shall we?

Valentine's Day a.k.a. "sweetness overload-chocolates-flowers-go on a date with my hubby" day. That's how society describes February 14th. But mind you, that's just a cliche. February 14 can stand for something else. Like, a day something awesome got invented or that February 14th of a particular year when you gave your terrible professor a piece of your mind and punched him/her in the face. Something like that. But, I get it..I get it. It will always boil down to the boring, old cliche. But how can the "forever alone" people survive this type of day? There's a percentage of the world's population who are brokenhearted, recently single, been single for a couple of years or those who have been single their whole lives for that matter. So, what about them? And then I remember, I'm part of that population. So..what about us? Here are my tips to survive V-day, unscathed! 

1. Amuse yourself. Don't sulk at the coffee shop and throw dirty looks at couples holding hands while you pity yourself for not being in their shoes. Go finish that cup of caramel machiatto, enter the nearest store and buy yourself a nice piece of good clothing. Or, like me..chill at home, watch dvds or surf the Internet! It always works! 
My Valentine's this year will definitely follow this pie chart.
2. Spend it with your family. Valentine's day is all about love. Love being in all forms, not just solely based on being smitten with your boyfriend or girlfriend. The best people you can spend this day with could be nothing else but the fambam! Trust me on this. My dad and I would always cook our "famous fried chicken" plus mashed potatoes for my mom and my sister every February 14th! After a bad break-up a few years ago, I resumed that tradition and survived Valentine's day, with a fulfilled stomach at that! Just keep yourselves busy. I'm pretty sure you will forget that you're "forever alone" for at least 24 hours. ;)
3. Go out with your friends. Next to the family, you have your pals. They are one of the strongest support systems you can ever have. You can go crazy around them, be yourself with no limits and have as much fun as possible when they're around. Why not set up a dinner date with your single friends, watch a movie, get your nails done or something? I think it's quite comforting to realize that there are things you can do with your girl pals, that you definitely can't when you're with your guy, right? Just as it always have been since day one, boyfriend or without boyfriend.. I always find great joy when I'm with my clique. ;)
4. Buy something for yourself. Sure, you can see guys giving their girls chocolates and flowers and those big teddy bears. So what? You can buy lots of things better than those! Go to bazaars, go to the mall and you'll surely end up purchasing something rather sweet in your own perspective. I often splurge on chocolates! I mean, it's not like only a boyfriend can buy me Ferrero right? I can buy those on my own. As often and as much as I want to. Top that with Kitkat, Cadbury, Ritter Sport and tons of Kinder Bueno! ;)
P.S. But if any guy out there would want to give me something for Valentine's day..I'll gladly accept. ;)

5. Do not drown yourself in the fact that you're single for Valentine's Day. Don't wallow in the fact that you don't have date. Don't think that you're anything less. You are beautiful, and someone better will realize it's soon! Girl powerrrrr! Chos.
6. Greet your crush. If you're forever alone, and you wanna be pa-sweet, why not greet your crush for Valentine's day? It might even be a bonus point for you because you remembered. Do it through Facebook, Twitter, BBM, iMessage, YM or text message, personally or what not. Just make sure that you do it subtly and avoid freaking him out. You don't want him to think that you're a psycho, do you? ;) As for me, I just wanna greet my Twitter crush and favorite Candy Cutie, Javy Gil a Happy Valentine's Day! (insert pa-cute, pa-charming, hair flip moves here) 
The best part of surviving Valentine's day would definitely be having a healthy wallet! If you're forever alone, then you would have no need to buy gifts for your lovey dovey anymore! If it's just your family and friends, keri na yun with Hallmark card! Hahahahaha! I kidd! ;) Because I know, and you know as well that when it comes to your boyfriend, you'll always be all out. Well, kayo yun ha. I'm a natural born cheapskate.. :p I definitely don't want to end up with that kind of wallet below!
With all that being said, I wanna greet all of you a Happy Valentine's Day! Special cheers to those "forever alone" people who aren't really alone! I hope my few tips helped or entertained all of you somehow. Always remember to greet each day with love no matter who you are with at the moment. Trust in the fact that you might be "alone" now, but you'll find your perfect match sooner or later. Everyone's destined for a happily ever after (I keep on saying that in my past entries). Spend the V-day with a smile, no matter what your relationship status is! Surround yourself with the best love you can find! xx
Avec amour,


Just a little late

Happily ever after, has always seemed so out of sight. It has never been concrete. It's forever vague. Beautiful smiles, going on for miles..are so transitory. One minute it's there, you close your eyes for a half second, then you realize it's gone..making you long for it to come back. You wait for the right time, you double up your patience. You know it's gonna hurt you, but you still come through. You just pretend it's like dark chocolate..sweet at first bite, bitter for the remaining moments. Yet you still come back for more. You put one step forward, you take three steps backward. You yearn to be happy and be sane, but something pulls you to lose track. You lose sense of who you are, you turn to someone different, you fight, you break off and you suddenly face that full length mirror of yours and it shatters. Images of yourself have fallen into pieces, and you pick each one by one. You put heaps of effort to put it back together and you did. Just one thing, there are cracks, forever immortalized.

Take it back to the to the good years. Replay it to when you would just dream. Transport yourself towards that past when all you thought about were Barbie and Skittles. Bring yourself to those days when your mom would comb your hair and you would sit on dad's lap talking about fairy tales. Immerse yourself in those moments when you dream of your Prince Charming, visualizing him to be the perfect man that he really is. Yes, you saw him as someone who will love you for eternity, make you smile a million times, hold your hand and never let it go. Yes you saw him as that tall, white guy with a smile that can light up the whole world. Splice that part when you grow older, and you fell in love naively. Delete that part when you were childish and you didn't listen to what you were told. Be void of that memory, when you fell in love with a villain, so small and so short of what you thought your Prince Charming would be. Take away all those sad and lonely nights. Pretend that those tears didn't fall. Tell yourself that you have been okay through it all. Close your eyes and dream.

One, two, three..open your eyes. You wake up, feeling a sense of nonchalance. You rise from your slumber, feeling a brand new start. Bad memories were driven into unconsciousness and good ones so vivid and so bright. You feel your Prince Charming is coming in the right direction. He has that perfect smile and that mesmerizing eyes you can stare into forever. He will give you a love that shall never sever. Thing is, you haven't met him yet. But, just you wait. He's bound to say hi anytime and make you blush. He might just be better than what you ever dreamed of. He might be beyond perfect, though it's impossible. He'll come to you  with all his love on one sweet night. Then you'll realize, he just came a little late, but he's certainly worth the fight. 


Tweet of the Century

Okay, my title for this post might be a little bit exaggerated..but I think you guys know what I mean. I was scrolling down my timeline and saw this. I was like, "Pak!!". I just had to RT it, and post it here. I think this tweet is synonymous to: "before you point your fingers, make sure your hands are clean." Or more like, "before you call out ugly on other people, make sure you check the mirror first." ;) I'm not pertaining to anyone in particular, because I think everyone is guilty of this "crime". But some people just overuse this. I beg not to explain further. 

Props to you, Tangina Bro (or whoever you are) for posting this! Keep it up!!
Follow him/her: http://www.twitter.com/TanginaBro 

Avec amour,


2012 Style Pegs

As I've said in my year-ender blog entry, I promised that I'll make this year my year. I'm open to changes and I've already adopted a few. My mom was badgering me for quite some weeks now, asking me to check my closet and take out those pieces that I have outgrown or those that are blah. I did what I was told, then I placed those new pieces I've acquired last year plus early this year, and I was astounded to realize that I haven't worn them yet. That's how forgetful I am. Teyhey. :p 

So, it's safe to say that I'll be revamping my style for this year! I've always been a jeans and shirt girl, and my mom wasn't pleased about that. This year, I guess I'll see myself wearing girly skirts and cutesy dresses (since I checked my clothes and found out I have a couple of them). Thank you to my official stylist/super best pal, PAULINE GARCIA, for picking out my clothes and telling me how to and when to wear them. Heehee. I'm clearly not good at that department. ;)

I'll give you some of my pegs for this year. These are those icons that I'll be following, style-wise. I'm not aiming for the exact same clothes and brands. They're just my inspiration and I'll be building up my present style based on theirs! DON'T BE HATIN.' (cough, cough)

First peg would definitely be Vern Enciso of  A Shoe Tale. She's my favorite among all bloggers raging the blogging scene since her style is so achievable, up to date and ultra comfy!! Standard pieces: bandage skirt, sheer top, chiffon shorts, floral/girly tops
Next peg is Cheyser P. of The Walking Recessionista Standard pieces: Leggings, lace top, chiffon shorts, skirt and a basic blazer
Third is Laureen Uy of Break My Style. Laureen is another personal favorite of mine!! She's girly yet she still brings out that casual and slightly grungy type in her style. That's how I can be at times. I love going out in shorts and statement shirts. I just love how she wears pants and pairs them off with chic tops. Standard pieces:  tops!! (since I am a jeans person and I have the number of pants to last me a lifetime. But, I think I need that floral pants of Laureen, though) ;)
Fourth on my list is THE Camille Co, Mango It Girl of S/S 2012!! Check out: Camille tries to blog. I just love how girly and quirky she can be. This peg I'll be posting would be her style that I can attempt. ;) Standard pieces: Button down shirt, cardigans, blazers, cute tops) 
Here's a peg of that gorgeous lass from The OC, Lauren Conrad. She is and will forever be one of my fashion idols! Very chic, girly and simple at the same time. Standard pieces: SKIRTS!!
Individual peg, Jasmine Curtis! :) The pink skirt and shoes are just TDF!
Now, here's my supreme peg for this year and for the years to come! I used to copy the way she dresses as a little girl, but when I started to grow older..we started to fall apart. But, I'm ready to follow her style once more. Girly, vibrant and pink! Drum roll, please...
Since summer is near, I'll also include my pegs for that season. It's relevant to do such since it will go on for 2 months or so. For colors, I was able to read that we best stick to pastels and rainbow colors. I say, cotton candy as inspiration!! Be it with the top, accessories, bottoms or shoes! :) Pink, purple and sky blue motif!
I work and go out a lot during the summer and I usually wear jeans. They said that colored jeans are back on especially those pastel colored ones! It was just a damn good thing I didn't throw away my yellow pair. It can go well with cotton shirts or tank tops plus a basic cardigan. :) So, to those who hid their neon pants since it went out of style, it's nearly time to bring them back!! Still in need of a blue and light pink one..
And these are the pieces that will be my favorite for the whole year. :)
Floral skirts. It's nice to pair them with a shirt with a nice print just like the one in the photo. Or more girly tops for that matter.
Sheer tops! I'm addicted to them. They look good with shorts, leggings and jeans. :)
Chiffon shorts! Need to get hold of these. :) 

Note: None of the above photos are mine, unless otherwise stated. 

Who's up for a style revamp this year? It's not too late to start! Don't fret if you're not good in the fashion area (like I am). Stick to what you think looks good and comfy. :)

Avec amour,