Stop. Laugh. Look.

Hi, guys! I'm semi-back! I think I haven't posted for like a week, since I'm busy fixing some stuff here and there. If you took note of my title, it's like my set of instructions before you guys can go on reading this whole entry. This will be a funny one. So I suggest you stop first, then laugh, then finally start looking. Done? Let's go.

I've been a fan of 9gag for a loooooong time now, and those "she will never have a girlfriend" memes are stuck in my head. I took the liberty of browsing through my Multiply and threw myself into fits of laughter upon seeing my face, and my cousins' faces a couple of years ago. I compiled those pictures and did "before and after" shots. So here they are!

Disclaimer: These pictures are just for fun. Don't judge me and my cousins. These pictures do not reflect our current dignity. Hahahahaha! ;)

We may still not be the prettiest girls on earth, but all I can say is, we look so much better now! A "few" years of "growing up" does all the difference. Evolution at it's finest. Lmao. :)

Do you guys have cringe worthy photos like these as well? It's never too late to dig in into the past! Trust me, you'll feel so much better at the way you look now. ;)

Avec amour,

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