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The person behind this random blog is Mary Cassie Blanche Arcega Gonzales, Cassie for short. She's a lass from the tropical islands of the Philippines and has her own little world in the south of Manila, where she currently resides. She has been blogging for more than seven years now, and she tried her first dab at Xanga, Multiply and now she finally decided to settle down with Blogger.

She's a daddy's girl, a hopeless romantic, an occasional geek and always a nerd in a pop culture kind of way. Her heart would always be left in the 90's considering it as one of the greatest era that has ever existed. She can never deny her love for Daniel Radcliffe, The Beatles and sappy boy bands. She's a chubby cheeked gal, and she has no intention of changing the way it is. She's fascinated with dogs, dolphins, pigs and whales. She likes to see the good in people, spend time with her family and friends, watch feel good movies and engage in afternoon walks. She hates traffic, rude people and horrible nightmares. She considers swimming as her sport, while writing and public speaking as her talents. She's not a party girl, but she's a drinker. She believes that it's better to get wasted inside the comforts of private homes than to crash and burn in public. She believes in the existence of happily ever after and Prince Charming. She dreams that one day, she will find her perfect match, live in a yellow house with blue shutters, have three kids and a golden retriever of their own. She has many ambitions, which ends up in a mixture of priorities. She is never good at choosing, thus, she tries to juggle it all. She loves to try new things and changes really never affect her. She's a good daughter and a friend, but she can be a mean person when she's provoked. She plans to travel the world someday and meet people from different cultures. She's only a year into leaving the teenage life, but she will always be a kid at heart. 

This blog is not a fashion blog, a beauty blog, a food blog nor a techie blog. It might just be something in between, or perhaps, "random musings" being an operative term. She crosses her fingers that she might somehow make a mark through this blog. She admits she still has a lot to learn, and commits herself to antagonizing those who pretend like they know it all. She gives a high five to all those appreciative readers from different parts of the world, since they inspire her to do better and write more. She gives a fist bump to all the trolls and haters, for she believes that they are the ones who brings out her anger management and chill pills skills. If you guys know what she means. 

She dreams of owning each year, but it should be beyond that. She's firm on the fact that she will conquer this century.

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