"When Harry Left Hogwarts"

For people in my generation, Harry Potter will always be our hero. Even if the epic movie series have ended, the magic still lives on. I will always and forever be a Potterhead. I chance upon this teaser, titled "When Harry Left Hogwarts", a 48-minute BTS documentary. This will be released along with the boxed set of all of the eight Harry Potter films. Downside is, it's the Blue Ray kind. But who knows? Normal DVD copies might be released too. Please Warner? Please. Target release date is on November 14. 


So fetch.

It's 60 days until Christmas, and I'm sitting here as a good girl so that Santa Claus would grant me my wishes. In case, Santa is stalking me here on Blogger, I might as well orient him on the things that I think are fetch so he could give me the right gifts come the holidays. I'm not actually relying on Santa alone. I'm actually planning to get these by myself. One by one until Christmas comes. But I can use some help from the parentals and godparents. Ahem, ahem. Most of the pictures are taken from the online shops that I have visited. Thank goodness for technology, my life is much easier. 

11- inch BABY PINK Satchel. Stress on "baby pink". Pink would be my first priority. I'll get the red one after. ;)
Candy bag. 

Mustache dog tag.

UK flag top. Must have!
Pink preppy top. This is preppy for me. I go gaga for these kind of stuff.
Blazer. Been looking all over the world for this. Echos.
Another blazer. Love the color, love the silhouette. I just wish it fits me the way it fitted this girl. 
Casual, rocker blazer. I call it rocker, please don't judge me. It would have been better if it's pink though.
Cutesy blazer. This one is more on the pa-cute side. Tweetums peg, more likely. Love the details!
Floral oxfords. Perfect to liven up any boring outfit.
Black platform wedge ankle boots. Too much description for just a pair of shoes? Trust me, that's what it is really called. That's the one I want too.
Black wedges. This is my only hope to look and stand tall.

Black pumps. Spell blisters, but these would be damn gorgeous to walk with.
HAIR. Don't mind the dress, focus on the locks. I love the hair color. I might print this and go shove it to the stylist's face. 

What's fetch for you? Christmas is just around the corner! You ladies better be good so your fetch wishes would be granted as well! 

Avec amour,
Cassie Blanche

"Ako Na Lang"

"Na-search mo nang lahat sa internet, naubos na ang load sa kaka-text. Naghihintay ka lang na may makukulit ulit."
"Ako na lang kung pwede lang, I wish. Ako nalang, ako nalang I guess. Ako nalang ang paborito mong ma-miss, oh yes." 
If there would be one one OPM (Original Pilipino Music) song that would catch my attention and describe how I really feel at the moment, it would be this song. If there would be one OPM artist that I would admire, it would be Zia Quizon. This 19-year old (can't believe she's only that age), has that jazz-ish, sultry voice that I envy and attempt whenever I'm singing in the shower. Her carrier single, "Ako Na Lang", is so nice that I even took the time to put it on my playlist. Mind you, that track is the first and only OPM track on my list. I would listen to the song when I wake up, when I'm feeling lazy on a hot afternoon, or while staring at the ceiling waiting for sleep to come at night. I looooove the song. Super bet ko ang bossa nova (talaga?) voice niya. I can relate to the song so much that there's even that certain person that pops in my head every time I listen to it. Heehee. 
The track is as good as the music video itself, which has made its way to #1 on MYX. How cool is that? The video features Zia in a playful, colorful and cute set that reminds me (in my opinion) of either the 50s or 70s. Well, I just based it on the props and the outfits. The music video also stars one of the Kapamilya networks biggest stars (my crush and personal favorite), Enrique Gil. Do watch it! 

Avec amour,
Cassie Blanche


10192011: Seenly

I came with my mom to the office yesterday for two reasons: I "work" there as well during my vacation thus I get lots of money. I don't actually get broke during sembreaks, holidays and summer unlike all the other kids. Heehee. Second reason, it's the company's anniversary party. We stayed in the office until 10 in the evening, credits to the awesome food and drinks. My cousin, Molly, came and thus it was another time for us to hang out! When we hang out, that means that another photo op will commence. We used the computer's webcam and took photos via Seenly, which is an online photobooth application. I love the effects, minus the overly pixelated outcome on a few photos. Pretty okay in my opinion. I'll post them anyway and be the judge! I think we over-used the Lomogram effect.

Me and Molly's St. Scho id. 

I love you, Molly! Forever and always!

We wanted to pull off a Korean pa-cute pose. But we turned out looking like total nutheads.

Budoy peg. :P

Toothpaste commercial savvy. 
These came out pixelated. :(
Avec amour,
Cassie Blanche

Amis pour tojours

"Amis pour tojours" that's French for: "friends forever". It's not every day that you get to meet a couple of extraordinary girls who you could share anything and everything with. Everyone has their own set of girlfriends, and I'm making this blog entry to introduce you to my college chickas! Diamonds are pretty and so as pearls, but nothing can be pretty as me and my girls. Forgive me for being a little bit bakla, but I must say that together, we are all unkabogables!  We bring out the jejemon in each other. We enjoy cheap thrills. We enjoy Rosarito food trips. :P 

Our lives have turned a little bit recently, and some had to experience changes. Changes are inevitable, distances are sometimes a pre-requisite to keep a friendship stronger. Friends, if ever you are reading this, please keep in mind that no matter where life takes us..our bond should go stronger even more. I never thought that I could meet girls as fun as my girl friends in college, but I actually did. I need to pack up the drama a little bit. So, here's what I'll say. No goodbye, no farewell, just..see you later. 

Brace yourselves for there are a couple of good crazy pictures coming your way.

(L-R: Celine, Denise, Cassie (yours truly), Vanessa, Roxy, April)  This is probably my favorite complete photo of us. Love you, girls!!

Here are a couple of webcam shots we took before the sem ended. Say hello to one of our guy friends, Bernard. Special guest ang emote niya! We always go cray cray for any photo op. Alam niyo yan, girls! ;)
Get a load of craziness at its best.

I'm blessed to be given awesome set of friends from high school and another excellent group from college. Thank you, Lord for giving me pals who keep me company and keep me sane in this big, crazy world. 

So, tell me. Are your friends as good as mine? Feel free to share!

Avec amour,
Cassie Blanche


How To Love: Tae Brooks

If there's someone who can give Justin Bieber a run for his money, this kid would definitely be the contender. Meet: Tae Brooks! This kid is such a cutie, and his good looks compliment his talent as well. My cousin linked me this video and I instantly fell in love with his voice! I can imagine tweeners all over the world squealing for this boy. My cousin, Molly, would definitely one of those squealers. I'm 19 years old, but I'm counting myself in as well! 

Click on the play button, watch and listen. Tell me what you think! 


Wedding bells? Almost..

When I was little, my family and I would always go to weddings since I was the flower girl. Always the flower girl. As an itsy bitsy girl, I already fell in love with the elegance, the romance and the joy that a wedding ceremony brings. It made me dream that one day, I will meet my prince and we will get married in a big church, and I would be wearing the perfect white gown that the world will ever see. 

On January 7, 2011, one of my closest cousins would be having her long awaited church wedding! Yesssss. I'm pretty much excited for this occasion. I've been hearing details here and there, which makes me anticipate even more. I always have this thing for occasions where I could actually dress up. This wedding will be one of those type of occasions. Excited ang lola mo! ;) I'm actually a billion times happy for my cousin, since she and her fiance have been together for a long time. They had a civil wedding in the States and the upcoming church wedding will just be the cherry on top of their perfect relationship. Le sigh. I wish I could get that kind of relationship someday. Someone who would stay throughout every thing, someone who would endure all the trials, someone who would be there through my good and bad days.. Ansavehhh? :P

The arrangements that I've been aware of made me anticipate even more. My cousin and her fiance chose a nice church that was serene, classic and intimate. It's located in the South. I think your guess is as good as mine. It's ST.ALPHONSUS MARY DE LIGOURI PARISH, better known as, MAGALLANES CHURCH. 
Disclaimer: I don't claim ownership for any of these photos. The photos were all taken from Google Images.
The over-all architecture and design is just amazing. One person could get seriously inspired by looking at the details.

After every wedding ceremony comes the reception. I scooped the fact that it would be held at The Palms Country Club in Alabang. Woohoo! Let's raise our glasses for the South! I've been to that country club before, as a little kid, so I definitely can't remember how it looks. Based from reviews in the Internet, most say that this place is breathtaking. That I have to see. I can't wait to check the place out. 
Disclaimer: I don't claim ownership for any of these photos. The photos were all taken from Google Images.
There are barely 3 months left until the wedding and as one of the first degree cousins, of course we have to dress our best. I haven't tried on any dress yet, but I'm settling for a cleaner and pristine tone. WHITE. Here are some style pegs that I found that interested me. I need suggestions! Vote for the one you think best fits me. Just type on my comment box!
I opted for cocktail dresses since I wanted to look young, vibrant, a little bit sexy (?), but still elegant. Here's what I came up with!

I particularly love the cut and the detail of this piece. If I can't find an RTW that is like this, then I think I'll have it tailor made. Arte ba? Dream dress ko eh! Sorry! ;)
This next dress is a piece from Max Azria. I won't purchase that brand of course. I'll just use it as a guide and inspiration. The length and cut is very ethereal and very princessy. And very Barbie too! Me likey. What can you say?
This one is more on the preppy side. Hmm.
Cheers to the sheer. Chos.
An outfit won't be pulled off without a nice hairstyle of course. Here are my top two picks which are incredibly contrasting.

If I decide to grow my hair longer, then I would do Carrie Underwood's.
But, if I decide to cut my hair a little shorter, I'll go vintage with my hair just like this.
And again, your comments and opinions will be greatly appreciated! :)

I haven't thought of the shoes, bag, make up and accessories at the moment. There are tons of things blurring my mind and I'll blog about it soon. These are just my raw ideas. I could use suggestions too. 
My planner is marked and I can't wait to hear the wedding bells. January 7 is a few sleeps away for the bride and for the fashionista guests as well. I'm no fashionista so I guess I'll take my time. 

Let me know your thoughts, s'il vous plait? Merci!

Avec amour, 
Cassie Blanche


Cray cray!

Yesterday was the last day of our final exams and I practically have nowhere to go to after that. I decided to visit my friend, Pauline Garcia, since we haven't seen each other for months. Scratch that. She's actually my best friend. Her place is just a few minutes from UST, and I got there without realizing it. When I peeked through their door, a familiar jolly face appeared and hugged me. It was Pauline! I missed that bitch! 

She toured me through her place and every thing were renovated. I saw Pau's mom, Tita Mariver who was still welcoming as usual. I love her mom! I never get shy when she's around. I actually find her extremely cool. Pau led me to her new bedroom which was painted in blue and pink. I lavvettttt! The room was actually bigger and more spacious than her previous one. Her room was accessories heaven as usual, and I actually wanted some of her stuff. The bitch won't give 'em to me, she would sell 'em to me!
Here are some photos that I took.

I also took the time to browse through her stuff like I always do whenever I go to her place. Heehee..
I love the red bag above and I was begging her the whole night to give it to me. But no. She's selling it for 300 pesos. What a friend. Chos! 
Pau gave me a LOVE connector ring as promised.
I chanced upon an ultra cute ear cuff in her jewelry box, and I found out that it was made by her! Awesome. She's selling it to me, for 150. Spell, damot. ;)
Whenever I visit her, we always make it a point to pig out. We love to shell out our money for food. Last night was no exception. Since I made Pauline's speech project, she treated me to dinner. Yay! Her mom cooked chicken for us too. Thanks, Tita! 
We bought pasta, garlic bread and shake at the newly opened coffee shop in front of their house. I forgot to take photos of the place, but I will blog it as soon as I revisit. They have a nice menu in affordable prices.
Here's the food which we finished in less than 30 minutes.. 
After eating, Pau and I logged on to the Internet and had a Skype convo with one of our good friends, Kevin Gabon.
Pauline and I got a little bored so we decided to watch random videos on Youtube. We raped the replay button on Enrique Gil's Cosmo Bachelor Bash appearance. Damnnnn, that boy is just so damn fine. Pauline and I totally went cray cray for him! ;)
After which, we took tons of webcam photos..
Sorry for my disheveled hair. 
Here's where we tried on some sunnies. I lavettt!
I had to leave at 9:30 and I felt like the whole thing was bitin. I can't wait to go visit her after her finals week. Round two! I love this girl so much and I treat her like a sister. If anyone treats her in a mean manner, their ass shall answer to my kick. Ansavehhh? ;)

P.S. My sister likes this photo. She dubbed it KATY PURRY. :P
What do you guys think?

Avec amour,
Cassie Blanche