So fetch.

It's 60 days until Christmas, and I'm sitting here as a good girl so that Santa Claus would grant me my wishes. In case, Santa is stalking me here on Blogger, I might as well orient him on the things that I think are fetch so he could give me the right gifts come the holidays. I'm not actually relying on Santa alone. I'm actually planning to get these by myself. One by one until Christmas comes. But I can use some help from the parentals and godparents. Ahem, ahem. Most of the pictures are taken from the online shops that I have visited. Thank goodness for technology, my life is much easier. 

11- inch BABY PINK Satchel. Stress on "baby pink". Pink would be my first priority. I'll get the red one after. ;)
Candy bag. 

Mustache dog tag.

UK flag top. Must have!
Pink preppy top. This is preppy for me. I go gaga for these kind of stuff.
Blazer. Been looking all over the world for this. Echos.
Another blazer. Love the color, love the silhouette. I just wish it fits me the way it fitted this girl. 
Casual, rocker blazer. I call it rocker, please don't judge me. It would have been better if it's pink though.
Cutesy blazer. This one is more on the pa-cute side. Tweetums peg, more likely. Love the details!
Floral oxfords. Perfect to liven up any boring outfit.
Black platform wedge ankle boots. Too much description for just a pair of shoes? Trust me, that's what it is really called. That's the one I want too.
Black wedges. This is my only hope to look and stand tall.

Black pumps. Spell blisters, but these would be damn gorgeous to walk with.
HAIR. Don't mind the dress, focus on the locks. I love the hair color. I might print this and go shove it to the stylist's face. 

What's fetch for you? Christmas is just around the corner! You ladies better be good so your fetch wishes would be granted as well! 

Avec amour,
Cassie Blanche


  1. This year's fashion trend would be more of platform wedges so you really must have that black platform wedge ankle boots and have the kill in being highly fashionable. The color is safe and will practically fit a lot of clothes you already have. Besides, that kind of style are getting popular these days. ;)

  2. where did you get the peep toe black wedges!!!??