"Ako Na Lang"

"Na-search mo nang lahat sa internet, naubos na ang load sa kaka-text. Naghihintay ka lang na may makukulit ulit."
"Ako na lang kung pwede lang, I wish. Ako nalang, ako nalang I guess. Ako nalang ang paborito mong ma-miss, oh yes." 
If there would be one one OPM (Original Pilipino Music) song that would catch my attention and describe how I really feel at the moment, it would be this song. If there would be one OPM artist that I would admire, it would be Zia Quizon. This 19-year old (can't believe she's only that age), has that jazz-ish, sultry voice that I envy and attempt whenever I'm singing in the shower. Her carrier single, "Ako Na Lang", is so nice that I even took the time to put it on my playlist. Mind you, that track is the first and only OPM track on my list. I would listen to the song when I wake up, when I'm feeling lazy on a hot afternoon, or while staring at the ceiling waiting for sleep to come at night. I looooove the song. Super bet ko ang bossa nova (talaga?) voice niya. I can relate to the song so much that there's even that certain person that pops in my head every time I listen to it. Heehee. 
The track is as good as the music video itself, which has made its way to #1 on MYX. How cool is that? The video features Zia in a playful, colorful and cute set that reminds me (in my opinion) of either the 50s or 70s. Well, I just based it on the props and the outfits. The music video also stars one of the Kapamilya networks biggest stars (my crush and personal favorite), Enrique Gil. Do watch it! 

Avec amour,
Cassie Blanche

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