10192011: Seenly

I came with my mom to the office yesterday for two reasons: I "work" there as well during my vacation thus I get lots of money. I don't actually get broke during sembreaks, holidays and summer unlike all the other kids. Heehee. Second reason, it's the company's anniversary party. We stayed in the office until 10 in the evening, credits to the awesome food and drinks. My cousin, Molly, came and thus it was another time for us to hang out! When we hang out, that means that another photo op will commence. We used the computer's webcam and took photos via Seenly, which is an online photobooth application. I love the effects, minus the overly pixelated outcome on a few photos. Pretty okay in my opinion. I'll post them anyway and be the judge! I think we over-used the Lomogram effect.

Me and Molly's St. Scho id. 

I love you, Molly! Forever and always!

We wanted to pull off a Korean pa-cute pose. But we turned out looking like total nutheads.

Budoy peg. :P

Toothpaste commercial savvy. 
These came out pixelated. :(
Avec amour,
Cassie Blanche

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