Amis pour tojours

"Amis pour tojours" that's French for: "friends forever". It's not every day that you get to meet a couple of extraordinary girls who you could share anything and everything with. Everyone has their own set of girlfriends, and I'm making this blog entry to introduce you to my college chickas! Diamonds are pretty and so as pearls, but nothing can be pretty as me and my girls. Forgive me for being a little bit bakla, but I must say that together, we are all unkabogables!  We bring out the jejemon in each other. We enjoy cheap thrills. We enjoy Rosarito food trips. :P 

Our lives have turned a little bit recently, and some had to experience changes. Changes are inevitable, distances are sometimes a pre-requisite to keep a friendship stronger. Friends, if ever you are reading this, please keep in mind that no matter where life takes us..our bond should go stronger even more. I never thought that I could meet girls as fun as my girl friends in college, but I actually did. I need to pack up the drama a little bit. So, here's what I'll say. No goodbye, no farewell, just..see you later. 

Brace yourselves for there are a couple of good crazy pictures coming your way.

(L-R: Celine, Denise, Cassie (yours truly), Vanessa, Roxy, April)  This is probably my favorite complete photo of us. Love you, girls!!

Here are a couple of webcam shots we took before the sem ended. Say hello to one of our guy friends, Bernard. Special guest ang emote niya! We always go cray cray for any photo op. Alam niyo yan, girls! ;)
Get a load of craziness at its best.

I'm blessed to be given awesome set of friends from high school and another excellent group from college. Thank you, Lord for giving me pals who keep me company and keep me sane in this big, crazy world. 

So, tell me. Are your friends as good as mine? Feel free to share!

Avec amour,
Cassie Blanche

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