A night with high school loves: Pauline's birthday feast

Sorry for the long title, can't think of anything else! Last night, I got to see almost all of my high school pals. And with almost, I meant that there was a good number of people who I was glad to see, it's just too bad some flaked. :( Pauline had her post-birthday celebration at her place, and as usual awesome food and drinks were in attendance! The pesto was to die for! Wish I took some home! I was an hour late (because I promised that I'll be there by 6.) I just came in with my tank top, cardigan, shorts and slippers. Very casual! I greeted Pau with a beso and everyone else with a "hey!"

After eating, we had tequila shots. I only had 4 or 5 shots since my head was hurting really bad and I don't need to pack the pain up. The others had more, but I'm clueless since I was one of those who went home early as well. I met some new people that night since the party was a semi-mixer one. Oh by the way, did I mention that Pauline's cousin is too cute for words? Had a crush on him since we were in high school! ;) 

Lemme tell you what transpired in pictures.
Birthday girl! Love you!
Early birds. 
Mmmm. Pesto!
Hello, Kuya Charles! <3
I must say that I have an awesome high school group. Can't wait to bond with them again! We're planning a pre-Christmas party. Lunch or dinner, somewhere. We're hoping for less flakers. ;)

Avec amour,
Cassie Blanche


November loves!

There are two special people in my life who celebrated their birthday this November. I wanted to make separate blog entries about each celebrant, but I chose to fuse them on just one entry. I'm talking about my mom, and my best girl pal Pauline Garcia. I just want to do something special for their birthday, since I haven't given them any gift yet. Heehee.

November 18 : Mommy Zeny

Say hello to one of the most beautiful women I know. My momma! She's one of the most supportive, encouraging, loving, caring and fun people that can ever exist. I may not say it often because it's too cheesy, but I love her so much! I'm forever thankful for having a mom like her. Brown eyes, fair skin..I got it from my momma! Thank you for the love, for being my confidante, for fighting for me, for listening when no one else did, for being my first teacher, for being my role model and thank you basically for bringing me into this world. Thank you for all the effort you have made just to put us where we (me and Ate Camille) are now. Thank you for being there during my extreme heartbreak. Alam mo 'yan, mom. I don't need to explain further. ;)  Sorry for those times I argued with you, sorry for those times I played deaf to what you wanted to say, sorry for my tantrums and sorry for those times I failed and disappointed you. I promise to be the best person I can be. I'll make up for all of my mistakes and make you proud! I'll bring back the Cassie that brought recognition after recognition in our house! And I super kaduper promise to find someone who will never ever break my heart and someone who deserves all the good love I can give. Wait ka lang, I'll find the perfect guy soon! Studies first, Ma! Chos! I love you more than words can explain. <3

November 23: Pauline

Don't take the photo in a malicious level. We're just friends. That's how sweet we can get. 
This girl and I have been friends for more than four years now. I met her when I moved to LCCM during my junior year in high school. She was the first person in a sea of strangers to approach me, and she was my first friend! I'm so thankful that we met! We call each other, "B". She's one of my good good good friends. She's one of the few people who I can share my deep, dark secrets with. Ahem. B! Thank you for being there for me every step of the way, thank you for those times you stood up for me against all them haters and bitches. Thank you for making me laugh during those times that I was down. Thank you for letting me know that I can do better, thus helping me move on. Thank you for being my foster sister and partner-in-crime. Let's be friends forever, okay? Lumubog na ang lahat ng ship, wag lang ang ating friendship! Lastly, thank you for being the best bakla you can ever be when I'm on a becky mode! Witchelles na ang drama atey! Baka magka-waterfalls pa diyan. Love you ng bongga!

Happy birthday to these two special people! xx

Fan Girl Diaries: Facebook Surprise

Last night, I got one of the best mini heart attack/cardiac/premature ventricular contraction inducing moment a girl could ever have. Sorry if I described it that way. I like lengthy descriptions. Anyway, my favorite celebrity and ultimate crush (spell head over heels) approved my Facebook request! Being a fan girl that I am, it made my heart skip a beat. Well, I'm not actually a hardcore fan girl. I'm not that type who makes a scrapbook and attends mall shows. I'm that type of fan girl who just likes him and just goes kilig whenever I read up about him or whenever I see him on tv, especially when I see him doing the dougie. Who is he by the way? Yup, your guess may be right if we're on the same page. No less than, Enrique Gil himself! ;) Yes, I ain't tripping. It's him. For real. 

I opened my Tweetdeck at 7pm last night. And just a little segue, I must say that it's one of the best platforms because it can handle both my Twitter and Facebook notifications! Back to topic.. I checked my mentions, then I scrolled to my Facebook notifications and saw this. I had to do two looks just to convince myself if I wasn't just mistaken. 
My heart went lub-dub out of surprise and excitement (that's how I get when an crush-related incident happens). I logged on to Facebook just to double check. And boy, it was real. Say hello to my notifications!
My ultimate initial reaction? ;) Something that resembled this:

I was like, "Oh em. He accepted my request! Sh*t. Holy crapnoodle!" I said the same thing for three times until my sister got irritated and said, "Ikaw na ang na-accept. Please shut up!" I was grinning stupidly the whole time. My friends were all like, "You already, Cassie. You biatch!" In my head, I was feeling so elated, I could even do this:
No one can blame me for being that ecstatic since I have this super duper crush on him, well next to his brother of course. I like Javy Gil better, I don't know why. Disclaimer: Javy happens to follow me on Twitter too. Double kilig. He's very approachable and nice. I suggest you guys follow him! It just disheartens me that I can't add him on Facebook since his two accounts are already full. :( I just content myself that I can always talk him via Twitter anyway! ;)

Some asked me if the account was legit. All I can say is, that account is as real as the existence of humanity. Yes. It's that real. I took time to do a background check (ala Sherlock Holmes), just by merely checking who he's friends with. I saw this:

Yep, that account is connected with Javy (his brother), plus a few more celebrities and blahblah. I'm actually lucky that my request got accepted. I saw a status posted by Enrique that he has tons of Facebook requests, and he wishes that he could accept all of them. I'm just lucky enough I made the cut! ;) Cut in the sense that, my request made it through the pile of all his other admirers. I believe Facebook has a friend limit, to about 4000. Just a little more and his account will be full, it would be quite impossible to add him then. Lucky, lucky, lucky me! ;) If you find him soooo dreamy as I do, try your luck and add him too! Just check first if it's the real account. There are tons of posers out there.. Good luck!!

I'm still so kilig up to now. Dreamy guy. I swear.
Avec amour,
Cassie Blanche



I love tinkering around Youtube to watch videos that would inspire, amuse and entertain me. I passed by the Youtube channel of one of my friends from high school and I saw the short "indie" movie that we made back in 2008! Yes, I was in high school then. We did this video out of boredom and just to try out Jeffrey's new video camera! I just love the suspense feel of this clip! Can't wait to buy a new camera (probably one that has HD film recording) and do short films. Enjoy! ;)


Be happy, Be Cassie

I’ve been such a good girl lately. Imagining myself encouraging that one person sickens me, but when I think of what I just did for two or three times, it actually felt good. There’s that meanie inside of me that wanted to say, “serves you right”..but the angel won thankfully, and thus, I managed to utter, “everything will be alright. it’s just a major bump along the way. you and the girl will be okay soon.” Dang. 
Well, this just goes to show that as time went by, I learned how to actually grow up and forget everything. I just hope I get totally free and void from any emotional attachment. I’m pretty much proud of myself for putting our bad memories aside, and comforting him in the best way that I can, because I know he’s in need of good words. 
He’s my friend and he was someone special for me. I hate the fact that he wants to feel numb, he can’t sleep and he can’t eat. I do hope that things turn around for him soon. I think I have to make an odd appeal. 
Dear girl, 
I know you can read this. I know you don’t like me, well I don’t like you either. But, can I ask you a favor? Please patch things up with him. I don’t know what’s going on, but he’s totally miserable and hurting. Please don’t torture him. I know he can be mean and insensitive, but when he’s feeling so bad because of you, well then, that means you’re special to him. Lucky you. Hooray! I hope you realize that he really never wanted to hurt you. 
Thank you!
As for me, I’ll give myself a pat on the back, heave a sigh and just pray for everyone else that matters to me. I hope all my loved ones (family, relatives and friends) find genuine happiness in their hearts. 


111211: Kidnapped

Got kidnapped by my two cousins, Maureen Mina and Molly Arcega last Saturday. It all started with a call from Ate Mau, asking if I can accompany her to Glorietta to get some shoes, then to the gown fitting along E.Rodriguez. She said that it won't take long, so I said okay. She picked me up at Palm at around 3:30 in the afternoon. Then, we went to pick up Molly at her place which was like a 4-minute drive from Palm. Knowing Molly, she takes a lot of time to dress up. It took us 15 good minutes to wait for her. Then, yeah!! The three bonitas are finally together!! We drove to Glorietta, realizing that we didn't have much time. We were in a serious time crunch. We need to be at Zandra Lim's shop by 5:15, thus, we need to find the perfect pair of shoes. Fast. Thing is, Saturday traffic was so bad. We whiled the time by exchanging kwentos. Well, Ate Mau was the one who was sharing stories. Won't say what we talked about. What happens in the car, stays in the car. ;)
We arrived at Glorietta by 4pm, leaving us with an hour to search for shoes. Ate Mau was in need of gold strappy heels, which should go well with her gown. We parked, then hopped out of the car as soon as we could.
Hey, Ate Mau!! :)
We checked Nine West first. We found this 4-inch gold heels. Ate Mau tried it on, but all of us three didn't like it. So, we went to Rustan's, but the shoes we were looking for weren't there. It was already 4:45, and times was flying so damn fast. So, we went to Debenhams. Ate Mau was feeling lazy to search for anything else, so she just took a random high-heeled closed shoes and just bought it. We didn't even get to buy what she needed! Impulse buying runs in our blood.
Molly wolly.
We left Glorietta at 4:55, and we were running late for the fitting which was up North. The travel to Zandra Lim's place was hell. Traffic was ridiculous, drivers were rude, pedestrians were stupid. Ate Mau wanted to go on a road rage and just run over everyone. Hahaha! She was like, "I hate the fucking North". I agree with her. While we were stuck in traffic, we just talked about random things and we had a lot of bobo moments. I looooove my cousins to death. We can just talk about anyone and anything endlessly.
Me. Passenger's seat.
Traffic was twice as worse along Espana, and it was getting pretty dark. It was 6 pm, and we were so late. We got to Zandra Lim's shop by 6:30, but our troubles did not end there. We can't find a parking space, since the cars that parked outside the shop were placed in a stupid manner. Stupid drivers. So, I got out of the car, asked for assistance from Zandra's people, who weren't much help. Ate Mau's car was causing a bit of a hold-up, and these rude truck drivers were making comments like, "babae kasi ang driver". I seriously wanted to throw rocks at them. Those dumb asses. It took us so much time to find a good parking space, that we actually entered the shop at 7. We were already in a bad mood, plus we were running hungry. I took photos of the shop, which was very Filipino, based on the architecture. 
Ate Mau was the maid-of-honor for her sister's wedding, so she tried on her rich pink gown. She wasn't a fan of the color, neither were me and Molly. The bead work and other embellishments of the other gowns weren't done yet, only bases and linings were shown. We took pictures of Ate Mau while fitting the gown on. She looks so pretty even if it still looks plain. Calling out smart and chinito boys out there!! She's still single! ;)
We only spent a few minutes at the shop, then we left to find something to eat. Ate Mau was supposed to drop me off already after dinner, because I told my mom and dad that I'll be home by 8. While she was driving, she was joking about taking me first to her house at Paranaque. I didn't take her seriously. Before I knew it, she was speeding towards Magallanes, then Skyway! Shoot. I WAS KIDNAPPED. I had no choice, but just sit there. We started laughing at ourselves because our trip was so random. Travelling along South was a breeze. No traffic. All were smooth and chill. We just talked over good music, while speeding along the empty highway. We got to her house by 8pm, then we stayed in her room for quite some time. We watched Kitchen Musical, DC Cupcakes and Tinkerbell. We had spaghetti for dinner, and we were supposed to get Flaming Wings and froyo at Pergola, but it was late. We just bummed in her room, exchanging more stories about people and giving each other "I will fart at you." threats. Hahahaha!
We didn't realize that it was getting late already, so we left their house. We drove somewhere else, went around, then they took me home. I got home way past the time I promised, but the parentals didn't mind. These random trip will have a sequel for sure. Can't wait for the next! I love my cousins to a thousand bits! I love the fact that I could go anywhere with them!

I had the best weekend ever! xx

Avec amour, 
Cassie Blanche


11/11/11 thoughts

Since that fateful day, that day I made a decision, that day I found out something about me that made me doubt my faith, I had sleepless nights. For about three weeks now, I've been tossing and turning in bed, a myriad of thoughts streaming through my head. I keep on asking myself, "WHY?" and at some point, I cry occasionally because these changes are the most frustrating leap of events that I've ever encountered. My life has been put in hold, and all my plans just flew out of the window. As of this moment, I'm travelling across the wild oblivion, totally helpless but still running free.

I did try my best in most parts, but my efforts were lackluster for some. I kept on thinking if I have done it differently before, I won't be where I am now. But there's another thing that I found out about me that scares me most. That was definitely out of my control. I just don't see the reason why all of these are happening to me. Though I've been finding lights in different spots, I still can't get the clear picture. I know I've made a few mistakes, I walked out of path, but I'm pretty sure that I've been a good person.

As of now, I have no right to complain. I am in no place to be angry at fate for putting me here. I need to contain my frustrations and turn them into creative energy. But how? Where do I go from here? I'm jotting down my plans, and my list is overflowing, ideas coming through and through. I have time in my hands, I hope I finish them all. All I can do is pray and wish for things to come together one by one. I've been getting by because of the love of my family and my friends. They've been motivating me and reassuring me that I did do my best and that I can make it somehow, someday. I'm a huge doubter, and I still have disbelief on the side. Still, I'll forever be thankful for the love I'm receiving.

God has something in store for me, in that I trust. He will make things better, I hope this leads me as I sleep. In time all things will be beautiful, I hope that helps me to hold on. While I'm having this emotional battle in me, I'm wishing for better days. Though things have lightened up incredibly and in fast pace, I still can't help but feel distressed. I still go back to the past and I would love to change things if only it was possible. 

I'll end this drama with my 11/11/11 wish. I hope my all my dreams would come true. Though I've faltered on some notes, know that deep in my heart I did all that I can. My story shall go on. I won't put a period. See me, when I'm on the top, in superb health  and in perfect shape again. 


The Boys Who

Aside from the fact that I'm managing this personal blog, I thrive on some "inspiration" from Tumblr. I reblog constantly, especially if some posts and pictures hit me with a huge kapowwww on the face and on the heart. My brain can't be hit at the moment, since it's wandering off somewhere else. I'm waiting for it to come back. Anyway. I reblogged a series of photos from Tumblr that somehow clicked to me and made me realize, "Geez, this is what I really want. More like this is WHO I want." I'm talking of these "THE BOYS WHO" posts on Tumblr, that comes along with positive descriptions that a guy can possess. And since I'm bored at the moment, I'll share with you my picks on "The Boys Who".

Whenever people ask me what I like in a guy, I enumerate the physical aspects right off the bat. And I must share this funny side of the story. For a guy, I'd rather prefer someone who's mestizo (emphasis is needed), who's a bit tall, sporty and witty. I got tall and sporty for my first "guy", not the witty part. I got witty and sporty for my last guy, not the tall part. Saddest of them all is, I never got the mestizo pre-requisite! Hahahaha! But that's perfectly fine. You see, when you're in love, you tend to do it on 50/50 basis. 50 for the looks, 50 for the attitude and as time comes, you'll forget the physical aspects. And you know what they say, "Wag kang choosy kung hindi ka juicy!" Ansavehhh? 

I'll go back to my THE BOYS WHO topic. As of now, I'm single and I'm okay with it. But for my third guy, I sure would wish he's just a wee bit mestizo. Spell ambisyosa. ;)
Here are my picks on "THE BOYS WHO". If a guy possesses a majority of these qualities, he'll definitely have me head over heels. ;)

It would be nice if a guy can be sensitive to a girl's feelings. It would be ultra sweet if he has a soft spot.
If a guy could carry me, that would mean I lost weight. ;)
Simple things would make my day. Post its, notes, calls, instant messages. 
It would be super sweet to know someone's yearning to see you. 
A guy who would listen to my rants, my childhood fantasies, who can ride along with my randomness and shenanigans, who can take all of my fetishes would be perfect. 
I love guys who smell good too. Well, who doesn't?
A guy who would tell his brothas and fellas that he is proud to be with me would get an A+.
Guys who are good with kids are just ultimate love,love,love! Don't get me wrong. I would love it if a guy would be game to play around with my little cousins and would not even say the word: pesky. This would prove his soft spot too.
Knowing me too well, my friends would agree to this. Someone taller than I am, please. 
Bonjour, me lovey. Take me to the City of Love, s'il vous plait? 
A guy who would be stoked to take me on a picnic and bask under the beautiful sunshine would be the bomb. 
Ultimate quality that I'll forever look for in a guy. 
I love to pig out and I would love it if my guy would share my love for food with me. If he can cook me awesome pancakes, pasta and make me the best wicked oreos, then he is heaven sent!
Lastly, the guy who would love me forever even in the bad days, make pinky promises and would take them seriously will definitely float my boat. In my world, a pinky promise means something big. 

Forgive me if ever I am too sappy, but you see I've been through a lot in my past relationship and I sure do deserve to be happily in love in the future. We all have our wants for the people who we wanna be with, so mine isn't any different. In fact, it's not even superficial. I'm being all feelingera and daydreamer right now and I can just assume that my future guy is just out there somewhere, reading this post perhaps. Well, I have a letter for you! 

Dear future boyfriend,
Hey there! I've been waiting for someone like you my whole life since I've always been dreaming of Prince Charming to take me away. I made a couple of mistakes in the past and I thought I already met him, but they turned out to be the villain of my fairy tale. Now that you're here, I'm pretty sure you're God-given and he knows that you're all I ever wanted. Please give me that warm hug and that sweet kiss that I've been yearning for all this time. Please promise me that you'll stay even in the bad days and laugh along with me when I unleash my childish side. Hold my hand and never let go. And please, please, please never break my heart. I know that it's fate for me to meet you, since I deserve to be happy and you do too. Let's go on this fun, sweet ride that we'll surely cherish for the rest of our lives. Sorry if I'm crying in the middle of all these scene, because it took such a long time to get to you. I love you, real Prince Charming!

Avec amour, your princess in waiting..
Cassie Blanche