Fan Girl Diaries: Facebook Surprise

Last night, I got one of the best mini heart attack/cardiac/premature ventricular contraction inducing moment a girl could ever have. Sorry if I described it that way. I like lengthy descriptions. Anyway, my favorite celebrity and ultimate crush (spell head over heels) approved my Facebook request! Being a fan girl that I am, it made my heart skip a beat. Well, I'm not actually a hardcore fan girl. I'm not that type who makes a scrapbook and attends mall shows. I'm that type of fan girl who just likes him and just goes kilig whenever I read up about him or whenever I see him on tv, especially when I see him doing the dougie. Who is he by the way? Yup, your guess may be right if we're on the same page. No less than, Enrique Gil himself! ;) Yes, I ain't tripping. It's him. For real. 

I opened my Tweetdeck at 7pm last night. And just a little segue, I must say that it's one of the best platforms because it can handle both my Twitter and Facebook notifications! Back to topic.. I checked my mentions, then I scrolled to my Facebook notifications and saw this. I had to do two looks just to convince myself if I wasn't just mistaken. 
My heart went lub-dub out of surprise and excitement (that's how I get when an crush-related incident happens). I logged on to Facebook just to double check. And boy, it was real. Say hello to my notifications!
My ultimate initial reaction? ;) Something that resembled this:

I was like, "Oh em. He accepted my request! Sh*t. Holy crapnoodle!" I said the same thing for three times until my sister got irritated and said, "Ikaw na ang na-accept. Please shut up!" I was grinning stupidly the whole time. My friends were all like, "You already, Cassie. You biatch!" In my head, I was feeling so elated, I could even do this:
No one can blame me for being that ecstatic since I have this super duper crush on him, well next to his brother of course. I like Javy Gil better, I don't know why. Disclaimer: Javy happens to follow me on Twitter too. Double kilig. He's very approachable and nice. I suggest you guys follow him! It just disheartens me that I can't add him on Facebook since his two accounts are already full. :( I just content myself that I can always talk him via Twitter anyway! ;)

Some asked me if the account was legit. All I can say is, that account is as real as the existence of humanity. Yes. It's that real. I took time to do a background check (ala Sherlock Holmes), just by merely checking who he's friends with. I saw this:

Yep, that account is connected with Javy (his brother), plus a few more celebrities and blahblah. I'm actually lucky that my request got accepted. I saw a status posted by Enrique that he has tons of Facebook requests, and he wishes that he could accept all of them. I'm just lucky enough I made the cut! ;) Cut in the sense that, my request made it through the pile of all his other admirers. I believe Facebook has a friend limit, to about 4000. Just a little more and his account will be full, it would be quite impossible to add him then. Lucky, lucky, lucky me! ;) If you find him soooo dreamy as I do, try your luck and add him too! Just check first if it's the real account. There are tons of posers out there.. Good luck!!

I'm still so kilig up to now. Dreamy guy. I swear.
Avec amour,
Cassie Blanche

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