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Aside from the fact that I'm managing this personal blog, I thrive on some "inspiration" from Tumblr. I reblog constantly, especially if some posts and pictures hit me with a huge kapowwww on the face and on the heart. My brain can't be hit at the moment, since it's wandering off somewhere else. I'm waiting for it to come back. Anyway. I reblogged a series of photos from Tumblr that somehow clicked to me and made me realize, "Geez, this is what I really want. More like this is WHO I want." I'm talking of these "THE BOYS WHO" posts on Tumblr, that comes along with positive descriptions that a guy can possess. And since I'm bored at the moment, I'll share with you my picks on "The Boys Who".

Whenever people ask me what I like in a guy, I enumerate the physical aspects right off the bat. And I must share this funny side of the story. For a guy, I'd rather prefer someone who's mestizo (emphasis is needed), who's a bit tall, sporty and witty. I got tall and sporty for my first "guy", not the witty part. I got witty and sporty for my last guy, not the tall part. Saddest of them all is, I never got the mestizo pre-requisite! Hahahaha! But that's perfectly fine. You see, when you're in love, you tend to do it on 50/50 basis. 50 for the looks, 50 for the attitude and as time comes, you'll forget the physical aspects. And you know what they say, "Wag kang choosy kung hindi ka juicy!" Ansavehhh? 

I'll go back to my THE BOYS WHO topic. As of now, I'm single and I'm okay with it. But for my third guy, I sure would wish he's just a wee bit mestizo. Spell ambisyosa. ;)
Here are my picks on "THE BOYS WHO". If a guy possesses a majority of these qualities, he'll definitely have me head over heels. ;)

It would be nice if a guy can be sensitive to a girl's feelings. It would be ultra sweet if he has a soft spot.
If a guy could carry me, that would mean I lost weight. ;)
Simple things would make my day. Post its, notes, calls, instant messages. 
It would be super sweet to know someone's yearning to see you. 
A guy who would listen to my rants, my childhood fantasies, who can ride along with my randomness and shenanigans, who can take all of my fetishes would be perfect. 
I love guys who smell good too. Well, who doesn't?
A guy who would tell his brothas and fellas that he is proud to be with me would get an A+.
Guys who are good with kids are just ultimate love,love,love! Don't get me wrong. I would love it if a guy would be game to play around with my little cousins and would not even say the word: pesky. This would prove his soft spot too.
Knowing me too well, my friends would agree to this. Someone taller than I am, please. 
Bonjour, me lovey. Take me to the City of Love, s'il vous plait? 
A guy who would be stoked to take me on a picnic and bask under the beautiful sunshine would be the bomb. 
Ultimate quality that I'll forever look for in a guy. 
I love to pig out and I would love it if my guy would share my love for food with me. If he can cook me awesome pancakes, pasta and make me the best wicked oreos, then he is heaven sent!
Lastly, the guy who would love me forever even in the bad days, make pinky promises and would take them seriously will definitely float my boat. In my world, a pinky promise means something big. 

Forgive me if ever I am too sappy, but you see I've been through a lot in my past relationship and I sure do deserve to be happily in love in the future. We all have our wants for the people who we wanna be with, so mine isn't any different. In fact, it's not even superficial. I'm being all feelingera and daydreamer right now and I can just assume that my future guy is just out there somewhere, reading this post perhaps. Well, I have a letter for you! 

Dear future boyfriend,
Hey there! I've been waiting for someone like you my whole life since I've always been dreaming of Prince Charming to take me away. I made a couple of mistakes in the past and I thought I already met him, but they turned out to be the villain of my fairy tale. Now that you're here, I'm pretty sure you're God-given and he knows that you're all I ever wanted. Please give me that warm hug and that sweet kiss that I've been yearning for all this time. Please promise me that you'll stay even in the bad days and laugh along with me when I unleash my childish side. Hold my hand and never let go. And please, please, please never break my heart. I know that it's fate for me to meet you, since I deserve to be happy and you do too. Let's go on this fun, sweet ride that we'll surely cherish for the rest of our lives. Sorry if I'm crying in the middle of all these scene, because it took such a long time to get to you. I love you, real Prince Charming!

Avec amour, your princess in waiting..
Cassie Blanche

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