I only had two dogs in my whole life. The first one was a Daschund, who resembles a moving, furry hotdog. Then, I owned a Mini Pinscher who reminds me of Paris Hilton's teacup puppies. I've always wanted a Shih Tzu, but my dad just won't give it to me because it's high maintenance. He feared that the dog would grow up to be a slob just like me. Well, maybe he was right. ;) I always envy people who owned Shih Tzus. Those dogs look so princessy and fashown. Earlier this evening, I was able to play with my dream dog. My cousin, Molly bought a 2-month female Shih Tzu and dubbed her as: Mallows. I died of excitement and happiness when I saw the puppy. It was too cute for my life. The fact that it was pouncing and prancing all over the place made it ten times cuter!

Dear readers, please meet Mallows! <3
This little critter can take all my bad vibes away. Kisses! xx
Here's Mallows with her owner (who I totally envy), Molly. Thanks for letting me play with her, cousin! :)
I wish I can get a dog like that. I'm now 19, and I'm pretty sure that I'm not that lazy to comb my hair anymore. Heehee. Daddy, please? For the moment, I'll just take Mallows as my temporary baby. 

Avec amour,
Cassie Blanche

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