111211: Kidnapped

Got kidnapped by my two cousins, Maureen Mina and Molly Arcega last Saturday. It all started with a call from Ate Mau, asking if I can accompany her to Glorietta to get some shoes, then to the gown fitting along E.Rodriguez. She said that it won't take long, so I said okay. She picked me up at Palm at around 3:30 in the afternoon. Then, we went to pick up Molly at her place which was like a 4-minute drive from Palm. Knowing Molly, she takes a lot of time to dress up. It took us 15 good minutes to wait for her. Then, yeah!! The three bonitas are finally together!! We drove to Glorietta, realizing that we didn't have much time. We were in a serious time crunch. We need to be at Zandra Lim's shop by 5:15, thus, we need to find the perfect pair of shoes. Fast. Thing is, Saturday traffic was so bad. We whiled the time by exchanging kwentos. Well, Ate Mau was the one who was sharing stories. Won't say what we talked about. What happens in the car, stays in the car. ;)
We arrived at Glorietta by 4pm, leaving us with an hour to search for shoes. Ate Mau was in need of gold strappy heels, which should go well with her gown. We parked, then hopped out of the car as soon as we could.
Hey, Ate Mau!! :)
We checked Nine West first. We found this 4-inch gold heels. Ate Mau tried it on, but all of us three didn't like it. So, we went to Rustan's, but the shoes we were looking for weren't there. It was already 4:45, and times was flying so damn fast. So, we went to Debenhams. Ate Mau was feeling lazy to search for anything else, so she just took a random high-heeled closed shoes and just bought it. We didn't even get to buy what she needed! Impulse buying runs in our blood.
Molly wolly.
We left Glorietta at 4:55, and we were running late for the fitting which was up North. The travel to Zandra Lim's place was hell. Traffic was ridiculous, drivers were rude, pedestrians were stupid. Ate Mau wanted to go on a road rage and just run over everyone. Hahaha! She was like, "I hate the fucking North". I agree with her. While we were stuck in traffic, we just talked about random things and we had a lot of bobo moments. I looooove my cousins to death. We can just talk about anyone and anything endlessly.
Me. Passenger's seat.
Traffic was twice as worse along Espana, and it was getting pretty dark. It was 6 pm, and we were so late. We got to Zandra Lim's shop by 6:30, but our troubles did not end there. We can't find a parking space, since the cars that parked outside the shop were placed in a stupid manner. Stupid drivers. So, I got out of the car, asked for assistance from Zandra's people, who weren't much help. Ate Mau's car was causing a bit of a hold-up, and these rude truck drivers were making comments like, "babae kasi ang driver". I seriously wanted to throw rocks at them. Those dumb asses. It took us so much time to find a good parking space, that we actually entered the shop at 7. We were already in a bad mood, plus we were running hungry. I took photos of the shop, which was very Filipino, based on the architecture. 
Ate Mau was the maid-of-honor for her sister's wedding, so she tried on her rich pink gown. She wasn't a fan of the color, neither were me and Molly. The bead work and other embellishments of the other gowns weren't done yet, only bases and linings were shown. We took pictures of Ate Mau while fitting the gown on. She looks so pretty even if it still looks plain. Calling out smart and chinito boys out there!! She's still single! ;)
We only spent a few minutes at the shop, then we left to find something to eat. Ate Mau was supposed to drop me off already after dinner, because I told my mom and dad that I'll be home by 8. While she was driving, she was joking about taking me first to her house at Paranaque. I didn't take her seriously. Before I knew it, she was speeding towards Magallanes, then Skyway! Shoot. I WAS KIDNAPPED. I had no choice, but just sit there. We started laughing at ourselves because our trip was so random. Travelling along South was a breeze. No traffic. All were smooth and chill. We just talked over good music, while speeding along the empty highway. We got to her house by 8pm, then we stayed in her room for quite some time. We watched Kitchen Musical, DC Cupcakes and Tinkerbell. We had spaghetti for dinner, and we were supposed to get Flaming Wings and froyo at Pergola, but it was late. We just bummed in her room, exchanging more stories about people and giving each other "I will fart at you." threats. Hahahaha!
We didn't realize that it was getting late already, so we left their house. We drove somewhere else, went around, then they took me home. I got home way past the time I promised, but the parentals didn't mind. These random trip will have a sequel for sure. Can't wait for the next! I love my cousins to a thousand bits! I love the fact that I could go anywhere with them!

I had the best weekend ever! xx

Avec amour, 
Cassie Blanche


  1. bonding with cousins are the best! i enjoyed reading through your day and yeah, traffic sucks sometimes :)

  2. I find our bonding sessions quite relaxing! Thank you for dropping by my page. xx

  3. Yay! A fellow South girl! Hehehe.

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