Be happy, Be Cassie

I’ve been such a good girl lately. Imagining myself encouraging that one person sickens me, but when I think of what I just did for two or three times, it actually felt good. There’s that meanie inside of me that wanted to say, “serves you right”..but the angel won thankfully, and thus, I managed to utter, “everything will be alright. it’s just a major bump along the way. you and the girl will be okay soon.” Dang. 
Well, this just goes to show that as time went by, I learned how to actually grow up and forget everything. I just hope I get totally free and void from any emotional attachment. I’m pretty much proud of myself for putting our bad memories aside, and comforting him in the best way that I can, because I know he’s in need of good words. 
He’s my friend and he was someone special for me. I hate the fact that he wants to feel numb, he can’t sleep and he can’t eat. I do hope that things turn around for him soon. I think I have to make an odd appeal. 
Dear girl, 
I know you can read this. I know you don’t like me, well I don’t like you either. But, can I ask you a favor? Please patch things up with him. I don’t know what’s going on, but he’s totally miserable and hurting. Please don’t torture him. I know he can be mean and insensitive, but when he’s feeling so bad because of you, well then, that means you’re special to him. Lucky you. Hooray! I hope you realize that he really never wanted to hurt you. 
Thank you!
As for me, I’ll give myself a pat on the back, heave a sigh and just pray for everyone else that matters to me. I hope all my loved ones (family, relatives and friends) find genuine happiness in their hearts. 

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