A night with high school loves: Pauline's birthday feast

Sorry for the long title, can't think of anything else! Last night, I got to see almost all of my high school pals. And with almost, I meant that there was a good number of people who I was glad to see, it's just too bad some flaked. :( Pauline had her post-birthday celebration at her place, and as usual awesome food and drinks were in attendance! The pesto was to die for! Wish I took some home! I was an hour late (because I promised that I'll be there by 6.) I just came in with my tank top, cardigan, shorts and slippers. Very casual! I greeted Pau with a beso and everyone else with a "hey!"

After eating, we had tequila shots. I only had 4 or 5 shots since my head was hurting really bad and I don't need to pack the pain up. The others had more, but I'm clueless since I was one of those who went home early as well. I met some new people that night since the party was a semi-mixer one. Oh by the way, did I mention that Pauline's cousin is too cute for words? Had a crush on him since we were in high school! ;) 

Lemme tell you what transpired in pictures.
Birthday girl! Love you!
Early birds. 
Mmmm. Pesto!
Hello, Kuya Charles! <3
I must say that I have an awesome high school group. Can't wait to bond with them again! We're planning a pre-Christmas party. Lunch or dinner, somewhere. We're hoping for less flakers. ;)

Avec amour,
Cassie Blanche

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