What I Did Today

It's Friday, Friday! Gotta get bored on Friday! The title explains itself. Let me talk you through what I did on the last weekday. First, I went with my dad to buy some groceries. It was intensely hot outside making me feel like it's summer, not the Christmas season. I wore my khaki shorts and my polo. I tweaked my shorts and folded it to give it a shorter shorts effect. Malandi vibes. :p I regret not taking an outfit shot, but it would be no use anyway because I was plain jane. We went to SM Savemore to buy some food and partly my kalandian stuff, like lotion, facial foam and body wash. We passed by the junk food corner and I practically begged my dad to buy me just one bag. I was supposed to stay completely away from salty foods, but I just couldn't resist. I feel like dying without junk. :( My dad gave in and bought me a small bag of Ruffles. Good enough.
Thank you, Lord for blessing me with good feet. Partial chos. :p
Being a cashier used to be my dream job. ;)

After which, my dad and I went to Robinson's. He was set to meet up with a business colleague so I tagged along. I didn't want to bore myself further with business jargon so I left as soon as his colleague arrived. I decided to stroll around the mall by myself and decided to eat some donuts by myself again. Krispy Kreme was closed due to some unknown reason so I went to Go Nut Donuts. 
Chocolate Crumble Cake and Cinnamon
Yes, I know what you guys are thinking. Ultimate sugar overload. My cardiologist would throw a fit if he finds out that I ate too much chocolate today! I brought a pack of cookies from Go Nuts Donuts worth 30 bucks, but I swear that they're worth it! They're tasty and oh so chewy.
I went home ahead of my dad, only to find out that I'll be home alone. I was so scared that I turned up the music full blast just to preoccupy myself. I whiled away the time by taking webcam shots. Here's just two of them. Thanks to Pixlr for styling my photos!
Messy room. Messy hair. Want some Ruffles? :)
Channeling Budoy. :p 
I get so cray when I'm home alone. Good thing the parentals plus my sister arrived two hours later! That's how my Friday went. How was yours? December and Christmas vibes are making me happy! But I'm still waiting for something exciting to happen. Hmm.. Fingers crossed!

Avec amour,
Cassie Blanche

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