Wedding bells? Almost..

When I was little, my family and I would always go to weddings since I was the flower girl. Always the flower girl. As an itsy bitsy girl, I already fell in love with the elegance, the romance and the joy that a wedding ceremony brings. It made me dream that one day, I will meet my prince and we will get married in a big church, and I would be wearing the perfect white gown that the world will ever see. 

On January 7, 2011, one of my closest cousins would be having her long awaited church wedding! Yesssss. I'm pretty much excited for this occasion. I've been hearing details here and there, which makes me anticipate even more. I always have this thing for occasions where I could actually dress up. This wedding will be one of those type of occasions. Excited ang lola mo! ;) I'm actually a billion times happy for my cousin, since she and her fiance have been together for a long time. They had a civil wedding in the States and the upcoming church wedding will just be the cherry on top of their perfect relationship. Le sigh. I wish I could get that kind of relationship someday. Someone who would stay throughout every thing, someone who would endure all the trials, someone who would be there through my good and bad days.. Ansavehhh? :P

The arrangements that I've been aware of made me anticipate even more. My cousin and her fiance chose a nice church that was serene, classic and intimate. It's located in the South. I think your guess is as good as mine. It's ST.ALPHONSUS MARY DE LIGOURI PARISH, better known as, MAGALLANES CHURCH. 
Disclaimer: I don't claim ownership for any of these photos. The photos were all taken from Google Images.
The over-all architecture and design is just amazing. One person could get seriously inspired by looking at the details.

After every wedding ceremony comes the reception. I scooped the fact that it would be held at The Palms Country Club in Alabang. Woohoo! Let's raise our glasses for the South! I've been to that country club before, as a little kid, so I definitely can't remember how it looks. Based from reviews in the Internet, most say that this place is breathtaking. That I have to see. I can't wait to check the place out. 
Disclaimer: I don't claim ownership for any of these photos. The photos were all taken from Google Images.
There are barely 3 months left until the wedding and as one of the first degree cousins, of course we have to dress our best. I haven't tried on any dress yet, but I'm settling for a cleaner and pristine tone. WHITE. Here are some style pegs that I found that interested me. I need suggestions! Vote for the one you think best fits me. Just type on my comment box!
I opted for cocktail dresses since I wanted to look young, vibrant, a little bit sexy (?), but still elegant. Here's what I came up with!

I particularly love the cut and the detail of this piece. If I can't find an RTW that is like this, then I think I'll have it tailor made. Arte ba? Dream dress ko eh! Sorry! ;)
This next dress is a piece from Max Azria. I won't purchase that brand of course. I'll just use it as a guide and inspiration. The length and cut is very ethereal and very princessy. And very Barbie too! Me likey. What can you say?
This one is more on the preppy side. Hmm.
Cheers to the sheer. Chos.
An outfit won't be pulled off without a nice hairstyle of course. Here are my top two picks which are incredibly contrasting.

If I decide to grow my hair longer, then I would do Carrie Underwood's.
But, if I decide to cut my hair a little shorter, I'll go vintage with my hair just like this.
And again, your comments and opinions will be greatly appreciated! :)

I haven't thought of the shoes, bag, make up and accessories at the moment. There are tons of things blurring my mind and I'll blog about it soon. These are just my raw ideas. I could use suggestions too. 
My planner is marked and I can't wait to hear the wedding bells. January 7 is a few sleeps away for the bride and for the fashionista guests as well. I'm no fashionista so I guess I'll take my time. 

Let me know your thoughts, s'il vous plait? Merci!

Avec amour, 
Cassie Blanche

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