Cray cray!

Yesterday was the last day of our final exams and I practically have nowhere to go to after that. I decided to visit my friend, Pauline Garcia, since we haven't seen each other for months. Scratch that. She's actually my best friend. Her place is just a few minutes from UST, and I got there without realizing it. When I peeked through their door, a familiar jolly face appeared and hugged me. It was Pauline! I missed that bitch! 

She toured me through her place and every thing were renovated. I saw Pau's mom, Tita Mariver who was still welcoming as usual. I love her mom! I never get shy when she's around. I actually find her extremely cool. Pau led me to her new bedroom which was painted in blue and pink. I lavvettttt! The room was actually bigger and more spacious than her previous one. Her room was accessories heaven as usual, and I actually wanted some of her stuff. The bitch won't give 'em to me, she would sell 'em to me!
Here are some photos that I took.

I also took the time to browse through her stuff like I always do whenever I go to her place. Heehee..
I love the red bag above and I was begging her the whole night to give it to me. But no. She's selling it for 300 pesos. What a friend. Chos! 
Pau gave me a LOVE connector ring as promised.
I chanced upon an ultra cute ear cuff in her jewelry box, and I found out that it was made by her! Awesome. She's selling it to me, for 150. Spell, damot. ;)
Whenever I visit her, we always make it a point to pig out. We love to shell out our money for food. Last night was no exception. Since I made Pauline's speech project, she treated me to dinner. Yay! Her mom cooked chicken for us too. Thanks, Tita! 
We bought pasta, garlic bread and shake at the newly opened coffee shop in front of their house. I forgot to take photos of the place, but I will blog it as soon as I revisit. They have a nice menu in affordable prices.
Here's the food which we finished in less than 30 minutes.. 
After eating, Pau and I logged on to the Internet and had a Skype convo with one of our good friends, Kevin Gabon.
Pauline and I got a little bored so we decided to watch random videos on Youtube. We raped the replay button on Enrique Gil's Cosmo Bachelor Bash appearance. Damnnnn, that boy is just so damn fine. Pauline and I totally went cray cray for him! ;)
After which, we took tons of webcam photos..
Sorry for my disheveled hair. 
Here's where we tried on some sunnies. I lavettt!
I had to leave at 9:30 and I felt like the whole thing was bitin. I can't wait to go visit her after her finals week. Round two! I love this girl so much and I treat her like a sister. If anyone treats her in a mean manner, their ass shall answer to my kick. Ansavehhh? ;)

P.S. My sister likes this photo. She dubbed it KATY PURRY. :P
What do you guys think?

Avec amour,
Cassie Blanche

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