Trouvez votre amour

Kisses under the morning light
Unending embrace that fills the night
Sweet thoughts of holding hands
Ardent wishes that love will give you a chance

An inkling that you're all alone
Staring blankly at your quiet phone
Hoping that you'll get one sweet call
Hours pass by, nothing at all

The sweet world outside makes you wonder
While you're treading shamelessly and without a lover
Fluttering memories of what tore you apart
On the bright side, you own a healed heart

The warm sunset makes you dream
Being alone is not as bad as it may seem
You do your own thing while you wait
Let Cupid pull together, the strings of fate

Don't fret if a man doesn't show
He still might be waiting, you'll never know
Good things will happen, you shall pray
Form a smile and give it to the day

On that fated day you two shall meet
He'll surely be the guy who'll sweep you off your feet
His whole being you'll be thankful for

So, this I tell you, beautiful woman..
Be patient. Trouvez votre amour

Another composition by yours truly. It's entitled, "Trouvez votre amour", and I'll leave the translation to you guys, just to make it more exciting. If you guys have an idea what it means, just give me a holla through my comment box!! I dedicate this to all my friends who think that they're forever alone, and maybe, to myself as well. :p

Avec amour,

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