How to Survive Valentine's Day

Since the "sweetest day of the year" is just around the corner, and all the couples and hopeless romantics out there are already too giddy like it's Christmas part two, I opted to make this post! I just wanna give my two cents on the whole occasion, on a single's perspective. I would like to remind everyone first that this is just for fun, and it is not intended to mock others. If you're out to be hatin', then get out of my page right this second! 

So let's start shall we?

Valentine's Day a.k.a. "sweetness overload-chocolates-flowers-go on a date with my hubby" day. That's how society describes February 14th. But mind you, that's just a cliche. February 14 can stand for something else. Like, a day something awesome got invented or that February 14th of a particular year when you gave your terrible professor a piece of your mind and punched him/her in the face. Something like that. But, I get it..I get it. It will always boil down to the boring, old cliche. But how can the "forever alone" people survive this type of day? There's a percentage of the world's population who are brokenhearted, recently single, been single for a couple of years or those who have been single their whole lives for that matter. So, what about them? And then I remember, I'm part of that population. So..what about us? Here are my tips to survive V-day, unscathed! 

1. Amuse yourself. Don't sulk at the coffee shop and throw dirty looks at couples holding hands while you pity yourself for not being in their shoes. Go finish that cup of caramel machiatto, enter the nearest store and buy yourself a nice piece of good clothing. Or, like me..chill at home, watch dvds or surf the Internet! It always works! 
My Valentine's this year will definitely follow this pie chart.
2. Spend it with your family. Valentine's day is all about love. Love being in all forms, not just solely based on being smitten with your boyfriend or girlfriend. The best people you can spend this day with could be nothing else but the fambam! Trust me on this. My dad and I would always cook our "famous fried chicken" plus mashed potatoes for my mom and my sister every February 14th! After a bad break-up a few years ago, I resumed that tradition and survived Valentine's day, with a fulfilled stomach at that! Just keep yourselves busy. I'm pretty sure you will forget that you're "forever alone" for at least 24 hours. ;)
3. Go out with your friends. Next to the family, you have your pals. They are one of the strongest support systems you can ever have. You can go crazy around them, be yourself with no limits and have as much fun as possible when they're around. Why not set up a dinner date with your single friends, watch a movie, get your nails done or something? I think it's quite comforting to realize that there are things you can do with your girl pals, that you definitely can't when you're with your guy, right? Just as it always have been since day one, boyfriend or without boyfriend.. I always find great joy when I'm with my clique. ;)
4. Buy something for yourself. Sure, you can see guys giving their girls chocolates and flowers and those big teddy bears. So what? You can buy lots of things better than those! Go to bazaars, go to the mall and you'll surely end up purchasing something rather sweet in your own perspective. I often splurge on chocolates! I mean, it's not like only a boyfriend can buy me Ferrero right? I can buy those on my own. As often and as much as I want to. Top that with Kitkat, Cadbury, Ritter Sport and tons of Kinder Bueno! ;)
P.S. But if any guy out there would want to give me something for Valentine's day..I'll gladly accept. ;)

5. Do not drown yourself in the fact that you're single for Valentine's Day. Don't wallow in the fact that you don't have date. Don't think that you're anything less. You are beautiful, and someone better will realize it's soon! Girl powerrrrr! Chos.
6. Greet your crush. If you're forever alone, and you wanna be pa-sweet, why not greet your crush for Valentine's day? It might even be a bonus point for you because you remembered. Do it through Facebook, Twitter, BBM, iMessage, YM or text message, personally or what not. Just make sure that you do it subtly and avoid freaking him out. You don't want him to think that you're a psycho, do you? ;) As for me, I just wanna greet my Twitter crush and favorite Candy Cutie, Javy Gil a Happy Valentine's Day! (insert pa-cute, pa-charming, hair flip moves here) 
The best part of surviving Valentine's day would definitely be having a healthy wallet! If you're forever alone, then you would have no need to buy gifts for your lovey dovey anymore! If it's just your family and friends, keri na yun with Hallmark card! Hahahahaha! I kidd! ;) Because I know, and you know as well that when it comes to your boyfriend, you'll always be all out. Well, kayo yun ha. I'm a natural born cheapskate.. :p I definitely don't want to end up with that kind of wallet below!
With all that being said, I wanna greet all of you a Happy Valentine's Day! Special cheers to those "forever alone" people who aren't really alone! I hope my few tips helped or entertained all of you somehow. Always remember to greet each day with love no matter who you are with at the moment. Trust in the fact that you might be "alone" now, but you'll find your perfect match sooner or later. Everyone's destined for a happily ever after (I keep on saying that in my past entries). Spend the V-day with a smile, no matter what your relationship status is! Surround yourself with the best love you can find! xx
Avec amour,

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