Just a little late

Happily ever after, has always seemed so out of sight. It has never been concrete. It's forever vague. Beautiful smiles, going on for miles..are so transitory. One minute it's there, you close your eyes for a half second, then you realize it's gone..making you long for it to come back. You wait for the right time, you double up your patience. You know it's gonna hurt you, but you still come through. You just pretend it's like dark chocolate..sweet at first bite, bitter for the remaining moments. Yet you still come back for more. You put one step forward, you take three steps backward. You yearn to be happy and be sane, but something pulls you to lose track. You lose sense of who you are, you turn to someone different, you fight, you break off and you suddenly face that full length mirror of yours and it shatters. Images of yourself have fallen into pieces, and you pick each one by one. You put heaps of effort to put it back together and you did. Just one thing, there are cracks, forever immortalized.

Take it back to the to the good years. Replay it to when you would just dream. Transport yourself towards that past when all you thought about were Barbie and Skittles. Bring yourself to those days when your mom would comb your hair and you would sit on dad's lap talking about fairy tales. Immerse yourself in those moments when you dream of your Prince Charming, visualizing him to be the perfect man that he really is. Yes, you saw him as someone who will love you for eternity, make you smile a million times, hold your hand and never let it go. Yes you saw him as that tall, white guy with a smile that can light up the whole world. Splice that part when you grow older, and you fell in love naively. Delete that part when you were childish and you didn't listen to what you were told. Be void of that memory, when you fell in love with a villain, so small and so short of what you thought your Prince Charming would be. Take away all those sad and lonely nights. Pretend that those tears didn't fall. Tell yourself that you have been okay through it all. Close your eyes and dream.

One, two, three..open your eyes. You wake up, feeling a sense of nonchalance. You rise from your slumber, feeling a brand new start. Bad memories were driven into unconsciousness and good ones so vivid and so bright. You feel your Prince Charming is coming in the right direction. He has that perfect smile and that mesmerizing eyes you can stare into forever. He will give you a love that shall never sever. Thing is, you haven't met him yet. But, just you wait. He's bound to say hi anytime and make you blush. He might just be better than what you ever dreamed of. He might be beyond perfect, though it's impossible. He'll come to you  with all his love on one sweet night. Then you'll realize, he just came a little late, but he's certainly worth the fight. 


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