Blast that darsh

I was in a really bad mood last night and the whole day today (blame PMS, crazy gossips and annoying people). I really felt like punching a hole into the wall, but I realized that pent up angst really wouldn't help me. I tried my best to think of happy thoughts and contented myself by listening to some good house music.

Here's my playlist on a bad vibe filled night! House music never fails to hype me up. Makes me wanna dance even if I definitely don't know how to!

AWOOGA by Calvin Harris
SAVE THE WORLD by Swedish House Mafia 
TURBULENCE by Steve Aoki and Lil Jon
BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE by Chris Brown and Benny Benassi
LEVELS by Avicii Can't believe how far they have come. I love-hate the fact that they have become so mainstream. 

This last video is my top favorite! I can't stop listening to it. I love the beat, and I can replay it over and over. I love the remix version particularly. It's so much better than the original one. Anyone who would listen to it will definitely agree with me. I'm not sure if this falls under house music though. I think not. Just a trivia! My sister and I always play this song whenever we're "working out"! There's something about this song that motivates me whenever I do crunches and push ups! Hahahaha! ;)
YOU'LL FIND A WAY (Switch and Sinden remix) by Santigold

P.S. I hope those people can prove the stories they twist. 

Avec amour,

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