2012 Style Pegs

As I've said in my year-ender blog entry, I promised that I'll make this year my year. I'm open to changes and I've already adopted a few. My mom was badgering me for quite some weeks now, asking me to check my closet and take out those pieces that I have outgrown or those that are blah. I did what I was told, then I placed those new pieces I've acquired last year plus early this year, and I was astounded to realize that I haven't worn them yet. That's how forgetful I am. Teyhey. :p 

So, it's safe to say that I'll be revamping my style for this year! I've always been a jeans and shirt girl, and my mom wasn't pleased about that. This year, I guess I'll see myself wearing girly skirts and cutesy dresses (since I checked my clothes and found out I have a couple of them). Thank you to my official stylist/super best pal, PAULINE GARCIA, for picking out my clothes and telling me how to and when to wear them. Heehee. I'm clearly not good at that department. ;)

I'll give you some of my pegs for this year. These are those icons that I'll be following, style-wise. I'm not aiming for the exact same clothes and brands. They're just my inspiration and I'll be building up my present style based on theirs! DON'T BE HATIN.' (cough, cough)

First peg would definitely be Vern Enciso of  A Shoe Tale. She's my favorite among all bloggers raging the blogging scene since her style is so achievable, up to date and ultra comfy!! Standard pieces: bandage skirt, sheer top, chiffon shorts, floral/girly tops
Next peg is Cheyser P. of The Walking Recessionista Standard pieces: Leggings, lace top, chiffon shorts, skirt and a basic blazer
Third is Laureen Uy of Break My Style. Laureen is another personal favorite of mine!! She's girly yet she still brings out that casual and slightly grungy type in her style. That's how I can be at times. I love going out in shorts and statement shirts. I just love how she wears pants and pairs them off with chic tops. Standard pieces:  tops!! (since I am a jeans person and I have the number of pants to last me a lifetime. But, I think I need that floral pants of Laureen, though) ;)
Fourth on my list is THE Camille Co, Mango It Girl of S/S 2012!! Check out: Camille tries to blog. I just love how girly and quirky she can be. This peg I'll be posting would be her style that I can attempt. ;) Standard pieces: Button down shirt, cardigans, blazers, cute tops) 
Here's a peg of that gorgeous lass from The OC, Lauren Conrad. She is and will forever be one of my fashion idols! Very chic, girly and simple at the same time. Standard pieces: SKIRTS!!
Individual peg, Jasmine Curtis! :) The pink skirt and shoes are just TDF!
Now, here's my supreme peg for this year and for the years to come! I used to copy the way she dresses as a little girl, but when I started to grow older..we started to fall apart. But, I'm ready to follow her style once more. Girly, vibrant and pink! Drum roll, please...
Since summer is near, I'll also include my pegs for that season. It's relevant to do such since it will go on for 2 months or so. For colors, I was able to read that we best stick to pastels and rainbow colors. I say, cotton candy as inspiration!! Be it with the top, accessories, bottoms or shoes! :) Pink, purple and sky blue motif!
I work and go out a lot during the summer and I usually wear jeans. They said that colored jeans are back on especially those pastel colored ones! It was just a damn good thing I didn't throw away my yellow pair. It can go well with cotton shirts or tank tops plus a basic cardigan. :) So, to those who hid their neon pants since it went out of style, it's nearly time to bring them back!! Still in need of a blue and light pink one..
And these are the pieces that will be my favorite for the whole year. :)
Floral skirts. It's nice to pair them with a shirt with a nice print just like the one in the photo. Or more girly tops for that matter.
Sheer tops! I'm addicted to them. They look good with shorts, leggings and jeans. :)
Chiffon shorts! Need to get hold of these. :) 

Note: None of the above photos are mine, unless otherwise stated. 

Who's up for a style revamp this year? It's not too late to start! Don't fret if you're not good in the fashion area (like I am). Stick to what you think looks good and comfy. :)

Avec amour,

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