Saturday Trio

Yesterday was definitely the most random and chill day of my week. I planned to watch the cheering competition at La Consolacion College with my friends but things changed. I was supposed to meet up with Pauline at 9 am, but knowing me, I am never punctual. I arrived at Laco at around 11:30 just when everything else was over. Pauline was fuming mad at me, but I lightened up her mood by joking. We decided to go hang at her house instead, since the whole college week thing was so boring. :p We browsed through random blogs and spent tons of time on Camille Co's page. Our friend, Joana, arrived an hour after. I missed that girl..haven't seen her since we graduated from high school.We ate lunch at the nearby Mcdonald's and talked like there's no tomorrow. 

Here are some snapshots! I loooove doing crazy faces no matter how silly it might look. Don't be hatin' ;)
Joana went home at past 4 in the afternoon, so it was just me and Pau again. We made up our minds and took a bus to SM Manila and did tons of window shopping. We went to the department store, Accessorize, Jellybean, So Fab and the list goes on. We fell in love with the new pieces at SM (level up) and those comfy shoesies from Payless! We found a new store called: "Chic-a-booti" which we will be revisiting real soon for some good shopping action! :)

When it was time for me to go home, I invited Pau to come over at my place. We took the jeep to Taft, then another to my house. I enjoy commuting with my friends. It's a type of a genuine bonding moment for me. Pau and I talked about tons of things while we were on transit. There's never a dull moment. We planned on the next random thing that we will be doing, and we're definitely excited about it! Stay tuned! ;) When we arrived at my house, my parents were surprised that Pau was with me. They rose to the occasion and dad cooked dinner in a snap. Fyi, Pauline's a special favorite of my parents. It's like she's the third daughter or something. ;) We shared laughs over food, then my dad took over and told ghost stories that freaked the hell out of me and Pau. We dropped off Pau at her place at around 9:30 since my dad was against the idea of her commuting alone. 

I'm forever thankful that I have true friends! I feel like I'm the luckiest girl in the world! No need for a boyfriend or whatsoever.. I kidd! :p Can't wait for the next crazy thing I'll do with Pau! Alam mo yan, girl! :) 

How was your Saturday?? 
Avec amour,

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