Little Girl..She

I was reading my Anatomy book this morning, and by read I mean, "extensive reading". I felt like taking a break, so I took one of my past handouts and started scribbling. Within a span of ten minutes, I came up with a poem! This is how I can get when I'm bored. This poem isn't written for a particular event or particular person. I just elicited a couple of emotions from myself that enabled me to compose this. I guess I'm a frustrated poet or writer! Hahaha. Take note that this is original and it's mine. The title of this piece is the title of this exact post itself. :)
That one thing to which she held on tight
Slipped out of her hands, gone into the night
She woke up to reality with a blank stare
Realizing her dreams were now cold and bare

She blinked twice, then thrice
Her tears began to fall, thus she cries
She began to feel her life was now on hold
Little did she know, better things shall unfold

She kissed the yellow lane a sad goodbye
Forgetting the black stripes, moving on she'll try
She'll catch her dream in a different place
But she'll hold on to the three-fold memories, through time and space

Few by few, doors started to open
More by more, brighter horizons started to happen
Little girl ran to the rainbows with a smile
Tasting the happy colors, which she hadn't done for a while

She began to forget the pains of yesterday
Memories of failures were kept at bay
Little girl looked up to the sky
Fresh dreams are now ready to soar high

Vignettes of the past, she'll always miss
The path of the future, she'll take on with bliss
Villains who put her down, she couldn't care less
Angels who love her truly, she's forever blessed

Little girl who they thought shall fall
She rises up proud and tall
Little girl who was always afraid to try
Is now a tougher woman, who will never say die


  1. I love it!! Inspired me to start writing again.

    1. Thanks cousin! The poems you made inspired me before. Thus we inspire each other. :) Go! Write again! Update me once you finish making your blog. :)