Last Push

Hey people! 

I've been limiting myself to photo posts lately, since I only have a short span of time available for going online. Finals period is fast approaching and I can feel the pressure. We basically have six days left before the end of the semester, and these remaining days are crucial. It will the determine the outcome of the first semester, so I guess everyone should squeeze all their intellectual juices during these span of days. I know I will. 

Past events made me learn my lesson, and taught me not to do things half-baked. I learned how to stretch my time and almost burn the midnight oil just to finish everything. You know what they say, "madali bawiin ang tulog, ang mababang grades hindi na." I actually came to the point of giving up in the middle of this semester but I managed to jerk myself out of the notion. After all, I wouldn't be where I am right now if I really didn't have what it takes. And, thus I rose to the challenge. I swear I have never studied so much in my whole life than what I have done this semester. 

I may have lost winks of sleep, but I trust that all my efforts will be totally worth it. I'll give this week one last push so I can finally breeze through the coming semestral break. Free from worries, movie marathon and a time for classic novels..that's how I want my vacation to be. 

Our professors actually told us to "enjoy" the weekend. Say what? I think everyone else will be killing their butts, studying for the finals. No matter how hard it can be, just set your mind on the fact that one day, these will all prove to be worth all the risks you took.

Good luck everyone!

Avec amour,

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