Incandescent eyes, an ultimate sight
All becomes lovely, as he steps into the light
A hint of smile, so sweet and warm
His beautiful soul, as true as his charm

Dumb self, losing my state of grace
As I stare across the glass at his mesmerizing face
I find myself with much less poise
Being smitten further, is a choice

Hearts go aflutter, with good music and his dance
Angels fall in love with mere catch of his glance
Moves so swift, so inspiring, I find myself a fan
All those things that make him good of a man

Sometimes I imagine, oh he's a prince
Time unknown, from when I fancied him since.
He's dashing, speaks my intuition
Truth be told, he is perfection

I know myself he's out of my league
He's stellar, so famous, so big
I would be happy with a photo or two
Or perhaps a hi from him, a hello or few

Yes, he's out of reach
Yet he's humble feet are on the ground
Not leaving, not even an inch.

I close my eyes and wish at night
That I grow taller and match his perfect height
I'm not Barbie, who looks well with Ken
I'm just an awkward girl who sticks to her book, paper and pen

Dear guy, I wrote this with inspiration
Fret not, this is just admiration
My two left feet does not match your beat
It's just that I wonder if we will ever meet.


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