Beat the rainy day bum

It's been raining so hard, lately. Particularly, today. I had to wake up at 5 in the morning just to catch my 7am class, despite of the heavy downpour, since classes wasn't suspended. I rushed in the middle of the flood and traffic. I got to school right on the dot, only to find out that everyone was leaving, saying that classes got cancelled. Just great. Fou, non?

I was so bummed when I got home, but I found ways to cheer me up. Rainy days have a strange way of bringing gloom into my mood. 

Here are  ways on how I beat the rainy day yin and yangs.
  1. Drink a cup of hot chocolate. I prefer Hershey's Cocoa. It's nomnomnom. The sweetness is just right!
2.   Listen to songs of Adele. I'm totally not skipping on the bandwagon. I've been in love with her music, even before "Rolling in the Deep" began playing on the speakers of the jeepneys. My particular favorite is "He Won't Go". While typing this blog, I'm singing to the song.

3. Read my favorite fan fictions. So, what are fan fictions? They're stories made up by fans of various movies, books and television series. Spin off as some would describe. My particular favorite type of fan fictions would be from Harry Potter. I always read the Harry-Hermione genre, because I've always been a fan. I've been wanting them to end up together. Sadly, JK Rowling thinks opposite. I'm just left with the hope that Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson would hook up sooner or later! The current fan fiction that I'm reading is: "Hermione's Secret Diary", based on City of Glass.

Don't they just look so good, together?


  1. Hi there Cassie! I couldn't agree more with a cup of warm cocoa during a cold and rainy weather plus a background music from Adele! It just...Perfect! my kind of chill moment. anyway, take care dear! the weather's been crazy lately. kisses!

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    Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen

  2. Wow! I'm glad we both have the same insights on how to beat the rainy day blues. Don't you just love Adele? Listening to her music is so calming!

    You take care as well! I viewed your blog. I love backreading your posts. I'm following you already!

    Lovelove! :)