Sony Cybershot Tx5

About a few months ago, I've been expressing my desire to buy a DSLR Camera. I've been saving my money for that baby, but I saw my cousin's Sony Cybershot TX5, and behind it's compact body, it carries optimal picture taking experience, plus an excellent resolution!

So, I won't go with the SLR craze. I'm saving myself from carrying that heavy camera bag for later. Perhaps I'll consider to buy it next time. Perhaps, I'll not. I'm sticking with something handy. Something that would fit right onto my pocket and carry with me all the time.

I have used and gone tired of my past point and shoot cameras. I haven't tried Sony's yet. So, I'm gonna do my best to get it on or before Christmas as a gift for myself. I know Santa Claus won't give it to me!

As expected, I want the Sony Cybershot TX5 in pink. Nothing more, nothing less.

Does anyone think this is any good? Any pros and cons? Message me or type in my comment box!

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