Prospect: Sony Cybershot J10

I know I raved about how much I want the Sony Cybershot TX5 on one of my earliest blogs, but my raves have changed. Thanks to Miss Jennie Epperson, a new dreamy point and shoot came to my attention. Not just new, not just dreamy, it's also a billion times better! Kablag!

Hello, dear readers (if I have any...) please say hi to: SONY CYBERSHOT J10! 
This is the latest creation from Sony, another addition to their family of awesome cameras. This baby was released last March 2011, and just 5 months after it's birth into the market, I chanced upon loads of positive reviews about it. It made me technologically crave for the J10. Of course, I want it in pink. This camera is advisable for those ladies who want to the camera action everywhere they go but still get the best quality of photos minus the hassle of bringing a DSLR camera! I'm one of those ladies! It comes with a foldable USB arm, so that you can share the photos quite easily. 

I'm not going to put extensive reviews since I haven't tried this gadget yet. But once I get this, I'll post one right away. Cross your fingers that I get to buy this soon!

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