Dream Fringe: Katie Holmes

I'm not the type of person who would grow my hair past my boobies. I feel like every time my hair grows longer, I look older. Long hair just does not work for me. Never did! 

I've been looking for hairstyles that would suit me. I went from Korean to Japanese to whatever. I saw some cool short Korean fringes, but I doubt those would fit me. I shifted to thinking of celebrities who I could copy. Suddenly, Katie Holmes entered my mind. Perfect!

Here's the style I'm planning to get. Well, not as short as this one, though. 

 So, what do you guys think? My mom reckons I should rebond my hair first. I say I should use the iron instead. 

I'm saving this hair dilemma for later. I need to ace my exams first!

Avec amour,
Cassie Blanche

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