Four eyes a little longer.

It's been six months since I got my first eye glasses. I have astigmatism, and as far as 3 meters, my eye sight is already poor. At that time, I wasn't intending to get glasses, so I just picked whatever the doctor gave me. Sacrificing, style wise. I just realized how old and how bad it made me look. So, I don't wear it as my doctor advised me. Now, my eye sight has become poorer. 

I'm scheduled to go back to the doctor this month, and perhaps I shall get a new style. I have some in mind. Forget the brand, mind the style. 

I like this cat-eye frames from Ray Ban. I want this, even if it's not the same brand. Makes me get a bad teacher look! Hehe!
I like these wide frame ones too. So retro!!! 

Perhaps something like Tina Fey's. 
Lastly, this one.
So, which one fits me? I guess I should let you guys see how I look so that you guys will know what eye glass works for me. Here! Pardon my ugly self.

I'll appreciate it if anyone helps or suggest which frame fits me. I have this problem with deciding for myself. I always need other people's opinion. Feel free to type on my comment box!

Avec amour,
Cassie Blanche

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