Awesome Twosome Encore

I blogged about The Awesome Twosome previously, and I linked that particular blog entry to Gino and Monica over Twitter. One can imagine my happiness when they replied the morning after, which tells us the fact that they actually read it! 

Check out these screen caps.

Here's Monica's reply.
Now, here's Gino's reply! This made me twice as happy since I have a crush on him. I like him a lot!
Okay, so if they won't end up together, then he should date me! Hahaha. Just kidding. 
I'm really disappointed at RX 93.1 for splitting up this duo, but I heard than Gino has a new show! Tune in this Monday at 8pm!

Now, here's another screen cap that made me a lot more kilig! I mused if Gino had a blog that I can follow. I didn't expect him to reply but he did! CARDIAC, CARDIAC, CARDIAC!
I really love nerdy guys like Gino! He's so sexy! ;)

I hope I can hear from both Gino and Monica, soon! Let's support them despite the fact that they will be working individually now. 

Avec amour,
Cassie Blanche

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