Chinese Friday Night

I was feeling sick yesterday but I still soldiered on since I don't wanna miss a day from my summer job, plus it's grandma's birthday dinner. Albeit a high fever and aching joints, I still maintained an appearance. Props to me! Almost the whole clan gathered at Lutong Macau along Jupiter Street in Makati for granny goose's dinner celebration. The food was great and the lechon macau was a winner! Definitely coming back there for sure! I'll just share a few photos since we really didn't take a lot of photos that night. :)

Warning: Photobomb with my lovely cousins! I'm quite ashamed of my fat face. Will work on it soon! 
Belles! Favorite picture from last night!
With baby boy!
Hello, handsome!
P.S. I didn't know I have Instagram, until my cousins informed me last night. I made one two months ago and I forgot to update it. Hahahaha, still so thankful for my 21 followers! Follow me: cassieblanche! I'll try to update it as much as everyone expects me to! ;)

Avec amour,

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